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Keyword Comprehension

*** IloveAppStore – This app is excellent! I love this App, a superb learning tool for young children, outstanding! *** SmartAppsForKids - It's a great ...

Discontinued App


*** IloveAppStore - This app is excellent! I love this App, a superb learning tool for young children, outstanding! *** SmartAppsForKids - It's a great idea for a very useful app! *** The Learning App Guide to Autism and Education - This is a terrific app. I have ranked this as my favourite reading comprehension app for young readers. Keyword Comprehension is a new, highly engaging, interactive Australian educational app for young children created by a practising paediatric speech pathologist. Listen carefully to find out where that cheeky frog is hiding! Keyword Comprehension has been designed to develop core receptive language skills and helps children understand the meaning of a variety of words including animal names, colour, size and location words (prepositions). When vocabulary knowledge is established, Keyword Comprehension then targets a child’s ability to hold key pieces of information when it is verbally presented. Children must listen carefully to all the clues in order to correctly guess who the cheeky frog is hiding behind. Three levels are all included once the app is purchased: EASY: 1 keyword - animals - colour - size - location This level is used to help children understand vocabulary and concepts. Any combination of words can be included in the game at this level by turning options on/off, depending on what is being targeted. For example, some children may be yet to develop knowledge of prepositions, therefore there is an option to only include this type of information. Children are asked ‘where is the cheeky frog?’ and are then provided with information containing one keyword. MEDIUM: 2 keywords - animals + colour - animals + size - animals + location This level requires children to hold two key pieces of information in order to find the frog such as ‘red elephant’, ‘big bird’ or ‘lion next to the box’. HARD: 3 keywords - animals + colour + size - animals + colour + location - animals + size + location This level is for children who have mastered the previous levels, as now children are required to hold three key pieces of information in order to correctly guess where the frog is hiding. Examples at this level include ‘big yellow rabbit’, ‘small pig under the box’. Endless combinations ensure children will have lots of opportunities to play this ‘game’ without getting bored. Children love finding the frog and watching him eat the fly hovering over his head! Children then help him on his way into space and watch his rocket take off. Instructions are presented in a real Australian male voice, meaning there is no robotic element in this app. The ability to customise allows for direct teaching for each individual or group of students. This is a simple but highly effective auditory comprehension tool suitable for parents to use at home with their children, teachers in early childhood settings, as well as speech pathologists in therapy. ******FEATURES****** -CONTINUOUS PLAY No messy menu screens for children to navigate, allowing infinite play without a stop for instruction. -THREE GAME MODES Easy, Medium & Hard allowing you to choose which level is appropriate to your child's learning level. -VOICE PROMPTS Children can be read the questions instead of having to be read out for them. Allowing for hours of individual fun. -RANDOMISED QUESTIONS Questions are randomised giving a near infinite possible combinations of questions so that each play through is different.


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Version: 1.5

Size: 18.8 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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