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Attention Internet Marketers! 'Keywords' is THE mobile keyword application that is long overdue for anyone doing online marketing. Ideas don't just happen ...

Discontinued App


Attention Internet Marketers! 'Keywords' is THE mobile keyword application that is long overdue for anyone doing online marketing. Ideas don't just happen when you are at your computer, right? Sometimes your best stuff comes when you're out and about. Wouldn't it be nice to do a little keyword research and email it to yourself or your partner right now? Now you can! With the Affportal mobile keyword research app you can quickly do a seed keyword search and get back exact match search volumes, Adwords competition, CPC, number of results and a 12 month trends graph in a flash. You can email yourself the seed keyword data then run a related keywords report with the click of a button. Sort by volume, CPC, Adwords competition or exact match results quickly and easily. Then select your golden keywords and send them via email in comma separated values format so you can just past them into a .csv and open with any spreadsheet program like Excel when you get back to your computer. The search data is directly from SEM Rush via AffPortal.com's robust API and is updated the first week of every month so you know it's good, reliable, current data. This constant update process is the reason that there is usually a recurring charge for keyword research tools. After all, how valuable is OLD SEARCH DATA? During the initial launch of 'Keywords' we have included a lifetime, unlimited query license for just $4.99. After our initial roll out, 'Keywords' will only be available as a monthly recurring subscription or in app purchase that will need to be renewed every month. Do yourself a favor and spend the five bucks and LOCK IN at this insanely low price and take your research on the road... *** WHAT'S THE BUZZ ABOUT 'KEYWORDS'? *** "Ah, thanks. Feels good to be able to do quick keyword research while on the go. Definitely a cool app." - R.Spears (via Email) 4/26/11 "Dude I'm excited to check this out. I always get ideas at restaurants and want to do a little keyword research right on the spot." - K.Trujillo (via Skype) 4/25/11 "It is a pretty straight forward app and it provided some very good results, like really good results." - I.Fernando (Online App Review) 4/22/11 "With a tool like this, you’ll be able to get all the data you need before you get home, saving you a lot of time. I’ll be loving this when I’m sitting in a taxi stuck in BKK traffic." J.Dupre (Online App Review) 4/22/11 "I love it. It will be great for brainstorming ideas on the go. I really like the ease of use and sorting of columns." - Mattias (PPVPlaybook Forum) 4/17/11 "That is baller." - Browie (PPVPlaybook Forum) 2/17/11 *** FAQ *** QUESTION: When I try to do a search all I get is "Server error - invalid data". What am I doing wrong? ANSWER: If you see this message that simply means that the database has no data for that keyword phrase. Try searching a more common seed keyword. QUESTION: The related keyword email is empty. What am I doing wrong? ANSWER: You need to check off the records you want included in the related keywords email by tapping on each record you would like added and a checkmark will appear to the right of the "Results" column. To remove the checkmark, simply click that record again and the checkmark will be removed. QUESTION: I have an idea that I would like to see included in the Keywords research app. How can I suggest a new feature? ANSWER: You may request a new feature either in the application's comments area in iTunes or by writing me directly at AffPortal@gmail.com. *** CREDITS *** Thank you to my Carrie, Araella and Little Beans for putting up with me day in and day out. Great Job Stephen, you're an iOS magician.


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