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Kilroy: SHAKE IT!

KILROY: SHAKE IT! packs the larger-than-life wit and wisdom of Kilroy2.0 -- the sarcastic scene-stealing star of J.C. Hutchins' technothriller novel 7th ...

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KILROY: SHAKE IT! packs the larger-than-life wit and wisdom of Kilroy2.0 -- the sarcastic scene-stealing star of J.C. Hutchins' technothriller novel 7th Son: Descent -- into the tiny confines of your iOS device. Can your pocket handle the Mad Hacker, and the awesome extras he's brought along? KILROY: SHAKE IT! crams SEVEN cool iOS apps in one, all for a brainbendingly low price. Each app brings the conspiracy-soaked world of 7th Son right to your fingertips. If you're a years-long fan of J.C. Hutchins' human cloning thriller or a newcomer, you're sure to experience something fun! Hear wisecracks from Kilroy2.0 ... deepen your understanding of 7th Son's "Code Phantom" government cloning project ... become an employee at the 7th Son facility ... have your app PERSONALLY SIGNED by author J.C. Hutchins ... and much more! Features include: Shake Kilroy! - Finally, face time with the world's most notorious computer hacker! Give your iOS device a hearty shake, and Kilroy2.0 will serve up some aural snark. Features 100 one-liners recorded by Kilroy's creator, randomly selected with each shake. And watch closely: Kilroy's expressions may change, depending on what he's saying! J.C. Autographs Your App - Who says authors should only sign books? SHAKE IT! allows you to send author J.C. Hutchins a request to autograph your app. Not long after, you'll receive a digital cover of 7th Son: Descent featuring a unique, PERSONALIZED inscription by J.C. It's another publishing "first" from the author. Very cool -- and it's free! Custom ID Badges - Inject yourself into the 7th Son universe! Want to be a 7th Son facility cloning specialist? Brave enough to pull Secret Service duty at President Hank "Gator" Griffin's political rally? You can do that and more, thanks to the camera in your iOS device. Select an employee ID Badge, snap a portrait, and you're part of the story! 7th Son Wallpapers: Add some "in world" 7th Son style to your mobile device with these spiffy wallpapers! Rookman Oil Inc. advertisements ... Code Phantom Clearance images ... Griffin/Hale campaign posters ... even Castle Convenience Store logos! A dozen wallpapers are available! Code Phantom Dossier: Deep dive into the secret history of the 7th Son human cloning project! Read five "Code Phantom"-protected briefs on 7th Son tech, the tyranny of villainous John Alpha, a transcript from a Secret Service agent at Griffin's ill-fated rally and more. Also included: photos taken inside the 7th Son facility, and at Griffin's rally… Listen to 7th Son: Get in-app access to the unabridged serialized 7th Son: Descent audiobook! This feature streams the free 2009 7th Son "podcast novel" experience right from the web. More than 12 hours of aural entertainment are a finger-tap away! (Audio freely available on the web.) Read 7th Son: Audiobooks not your thing? No sweat. SHAKE IT! also easily delivers the unabridged 7th Son: Descent experience in text format. This feature presents the 10 free serialized PDFs of the novel released in 2009. (PDFs freely available on the web.) It's SEVEN apps in one, all for the gobsmacking low price of $.99. So download KILORY: SHAKE IT! ... and get shaking!


Technical specifications

Version: 2.1

Size: 12.84 MB


Price: 0,89 €

Developed by GlobalSync Enterprises, Inc.

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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