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For whom: Kinesthetic learners (who can`t acquire basic math-language skills; age no bar) as well as pre-primary students. Why: Children who ...

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For whom: Kinesthetic learners (who can’t acquire basic math-language skills; age no bar) as well as pre-primary students. Why: Children who are kinesthetic learners need learning tools that they can actually touch or feel and have hands on experience. They retain information primarily only when they touch & learn. That is why purely auditory or purely visual or even audio-visual inputs hardly help these children acquire knowledge. Most of the time schools tend to use audio-visual inputs as a teaching tool. For kinesthetic learners however it proves to be literally demoralizing since whatever happens around them is all gibberish for them. So instead of learning something they start losing their confidence & interest in the learning process itself. Therefore it’s always a challenge for the teacher or parent to equip the child with learning skills as well as to keep up the child’s interest in the “learning”. Because of this unconventional learning style the teacher-parent team has to always keep inventing, creating & testing variety of tools & material that will prove useful. Keeping in mind the needs of kinesthetic learners this app is designed primarily for them. Salient features: Multi-user: Schools can create a separate ID for each student and monitor their progress. Automatically records progress per student: Automatically records the score every time student finishes a level. Teacher can check if the child is improving in terms of duration & number of correct questions. Teachers can email this data and analyze it further in spreadsheet or import it in school’s proprietary IT systems. Touch & learn: Since the tool is played on touch screens, the children will be able to learn through it the basic math & language skills. Intuitive: Wherever possible we have designed it in such fashion that the child would be able to start “playing” with it without much guidance. Pre tested: The usefulness of the tool is tested on actual, real life kinesthetic learners. Content developed by medical Dr. & teachers who teach kinesthetic learners. Learn while you play Reusable: Use it again & again; you won’t be wasting paper. Secondary users: This tool is not limited only for the kinesthetic learners. It can also be used for the pre-primary students. Since children up to the age of 6 yr. are keen on learning through all the senses-touch being one of the “learning tools”; this same app can also be used for otherwise audio-visual learners.


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