King Laurin and His Rose Garden

A beautiful princess, fearless knights, hardworking dwarfs & magic items: the most famous legend of the Dolomite Mountains for the first time on iPhone ...

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A beautiful princess, fearless knights, hardworking dwarfs & magic items: the most famous legend of the Dolomite Mountains for the first time on iPhone & iPad! This app for children from 4 years was produced by the international publishing house LARIXPRESS to promote reading & language learning in an entertaining way. 1st place in Germany in August 2013 ! (iPad ranking category "books") AWARDS 5 Stars FUN 2 TAP 5 Stars TOP BEST APPS FOR KIDS 5 Stars IPHONE KINDER APPS 5 Stars KINDER APP GARTEN Children's app of the week iTOP NEWS PRESS ► "this is a nice app that tells an unusual story" //SMARTAPPSFORKIDS ► “This app is very good value for money.” // TOP BEST APP FOR KIDS ► “Having never heard of the legend, I thoroughly enjoyed the story and loved watching my son interact with the application. I highly recommend giving this storybook app ago, it is a wonderful way to entertain young readers ... !” “... does a great job bringing this legend to live.” // KIDS BOOK REVIEW ► “nice and different to the usual Grimm-like fairy-tales” “A very professional narrator, gorgeous graphics and great interactions await you.” // KINDER APP GARTEN ► “King Laurin and his rose garden is a fantastic story suitable for children. Professional speakers along with pleasant interactions relive the narrated events.” // APPGEFAHREN ► “This is a great addition to your library!” // STUFF PARENTS NEED ► “These types of story feed young imaginations and encourage unique explanations for things we take for granted.” // FUN 2 TAP ► “The app ... can be used easily even in schools.” // CORRIERE DELLA SERA/CORRIERE DELL'ALTO ADIGE The legend reveals the secret behind the red hues that each day momentarily color the mountainsides there known as the Rose Garden. At the center of this whirlwind of adventure is Laurin, King of the Dwarfs, who lived in a crystal castle with a lavish rose garden, nestled among the rocky spires of the Italian Dolomites. Select a language to read and/or hear the story in English, Italian or German. Each illustration conceals many animated interactive adventures – touch characters and objects to experience the magical effects! What a thrill to help King Laurin become invisible or fight against other knights, free the princess or change the colors of the Rose Garden. An original soundtrack composed especially for this app and exclusive sound effects create an even more spellbinding atmosphere. REVIEWS ► “A great way to make a bedtime story more fun and interactive and get my daughter to bed.” ► “What a fantastic application!!!! My kids loved it!!!!! Fantastic music and effects.” ► “Great app for kids!” ► “Brilliant! My 3 year old daughter absolutely loved this app. Very interactive and she loved the story.”


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 155.96 MB


Price: 2,79 €

Developed by LARIXPRESS GmbH

Day of release: 2012-11-17

Recommended age: 4+

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