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Here's what players of 'Kings Keep®' are sharing... Kings Keep (5 Stars) Brilliant! Downloaded this app wanting a medieval style strategy thinking game ...

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Here's what players of 'Kings Keep®' are sharing... Kings Keep (5 Stars) Brilliant! Downloaded this app wanting a medieval style strategy thinking game with character… (United Kingdom) Really Love this game, great find (5 Stars) ...I’m really loving it. Nice concept, very well executed. Games are fluid. Rules are simple yet strategy is complex. Great game! (United States) Outstanding (5 Stars) By 3 spikes – Nov 20, 2013 Elegant game mechanics with deep strategy and a great story and atmosphere… (United States) Great game (5 Stars) Easy to learn but surprisingly engaging. Lots of fun. Two player coming soon I hope. (Australia) Kings Keep® is an exciting medieval card game. Players wrestle over lands, purchase vitally needed cards and go for full-on conquest. Each player must manage their kingdom well and be courageous in battle to have any chance of survival. Medieval England, AD 500 With King Arthur as the newly crowned king, England is suffering from instability from internal wars between competing barons and landlords. Some Landlords and knights are trying to provide peace for their people whilst others are bent on conquest, with the intention of defeating King Arthur and becoming England’s king. After the death of your father you have inherited his castle, army and lands. It was his dying wish that you would protect the people that are now under your care and also keep the honour and integrity of his name. In an effort to find peace you have negotiated with local knights to try and foster alliances to bring security and unity to your region. Unfortunately, they have seen you as weak and vulnerable after the death of your father and have marched out against you. You must protect your people, your land and the honour of your father’s name. Challenge these local knights in battle and bring safety to your people and peace to your region. Be courageous, wise and valiant. Features of Kings Keep Include- • Heraldry Starting the game as a Squire with your own name and a custom made coat of arms that adheres to the laws and requirements of medieval heraldry. • Feudalism Managing your own feudal fiefdom, you can train your peasants to become an effective and powerful army that protects the villages and towns under your care. Peasants can train to man Siege Engines or become Soldiers, Archers, Knights or even Legendary Champions (if they survive long enough!). The more Land you own, the more potential income you receive, the stronger your army can become. • Legend The game is initially set in AD 500 during the time of King Arthur. You have the opportunity to meet Sir Lancelot, Sir Mordred and Sir Galahalt on the battlefield (to name just a few) and learn about the legend and exploits of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table. • History As you progress through the game you also have the opportunity to learn about medieval champions of old. You eventually face many famous and infamous leaders on the battlefield. Richard the Lionheart, Robin Hood, William Tell, Joan of Arc, Sultan Saladin and many, many more... • Strategy & Financial Stewardship To succeed on the battlefield you must develop your ability to strategise and wage war wisely and courageously. You must also be wise in how your spend your finances as it will directly effect your Army's ability to function and develop. • Challenging Time will tell whether you can advance through the game and defeat the ultimate opponent Emperor Charlemagne and receive the title of Emperor.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.81

Size: 43.61 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Matiu Chamberlin

Day of release: 2013-05-2

Recommended age: 9+

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