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Turn your iPad into a professional public kiosk! Kiosk Pro Plus is designed to present your web-friendly content and media as a customized kiosk. Kiosk ...

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Turn your iPad into a professional public kiosk! Kiosk Pro Plus is designed to present your web-friendly content and media as a customized kiosk. Kiosk Pro Plus is easily configured and allows you to customize how your content is presented on the iPad. Kiosk Pro Plus lets you run your kiosk from files stored locally on your iPad, avoiding downtime due to spotty Internet connections in conference centers and other public areas. You also have the ability to run remote content while you have a connection, then “failover” to a different set of local content (with full access to our local-only JavaScript functions) if your 3G or WiFi connection goes out. In situations without remote access, Plus can save user data and form submissions to a local file on the iPad, as well as capture signatures and drawings on screen and use the iPad’s camera to capture pictures and video. Update your kiosk through Kiosk Pro Plus’ powerful remote settings features. Change your kiosk settings and/or local content remotely by updating our template .xml files and uploading them to your servers. Monitor your kiosks by setting Kiosk Pro Plus up to email you if your kiosk loses power, detects accelerometer movement, or on successful remote update of settings or content. Deploying multiple kiosks? Set an individual ID for each iPad and Kiosk Pro Plus will let you know which one is in trouble. Turn off all navigation and status bars, showing your content full screen. Optimizing for the iPad’s screen size becomes easy as Kiosk Pro Plus gives you the ability to choose to display either the iPad or desktop version of a remote site. Allow users to print to an Airprint-enabled printer through the navigation bar. Set an idle timer and when a visitor walks away from your kiosk, the program will return to the home screen automatically, readying it for the next user. For users whose visitors might have to sign into an application or might just need more time on a page, you have the option of bringing up a customizable alert ten seconds prior to the Idle Time Limit resetting. Kiosks in high traffic areas can be set up with a timed browse limit. After a set number of minutes of use, Kiosk Pro Plus navigates to a non-interactive "Goodbye" page and then cycles back to your homepage, giving more visitors a turn on your kiosk. Let your kiosk take a nap with our Night Mode, setting your kiosk to automatically dim the kiosk screen to black and disable touch gestures so the machine appears to be turned off and wake it at the times you specify on a fully customizable weekly schedule. Kiosk Pro Plus is designed to show your content to its best advantage and is compatible with most web media, including HTML web pages, PDFs, multimedia (including .mp4 video) and certain Powerpoint, Keynote, and Word files (all of which are shown as documents, not slideshows). Kiosk Pro Plus cannot display multiple windows (including standard pop-ups and browser error messages), other apps or any Flash content. To prevent your users from exiting Kiosk Pro, the iPad's home button must be physically covered or Apple's Guided Access mode enabled. Used in conjunction with this app, our kiosk enclosures restrict users to your chosen content, while at the same time securing the iPad from theft or damage. See www.ipadkiosks.com for more details! Not sure if Kiosk Pro Plus is right for you? Try out our basic version, Kiosk Pro Lite, for free in the iTunes App Store.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.5

Size: 7.88 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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