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Evolutionary Japanese textbooks, Kisetsu Series, is now available as an app Kisetsu Vol. 1: Getting Started 1 is the best app to start learning Japanese! This ...

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Evolutionary Japanese textbooks, Kisetsu Series, is now available as an app Kisetsu Vol. 1: Getting Started 1 is the best app to start learning Japanese! This app contains the following functions: • More than 240 audio files of all the expressions. • More than 110 audio files of all katakana including small characters and voiced consonants. *Kisetsu introduces katakana before hiragana. This allows learners to use prior knowledge to learn Japanese characters effectively. • More than 60 katakana vocabulary audio files. • Slide movies of all the expressions in each chapter. • Review sheets to check all the expressions. • Printable katakana practice sheets. • Quick-switch button for expression practice and descriptions. • Japanese culture and language notes. • Japanese map and pictures of some regions, cultural events and school life. • Lesson plans both in Japanese and in English for instructors. ________________________________________ Characteristics of Kisetsu App Helps you become an autonomous and successful learner with fun With this app, you can learn Japanese no matter where you are. This app is based on our paper textbook called Haruichiban. However, this app encourages you learn Japanese more interactively and at your own pace. You can listen to each expression and vocabulary, change practice mode to an explanation mode just by pushing a tab, and use a slide movie of expressions for review. For instructors, there are both English and Japanese lesson plans both in each chapter. These lesson plans tell you what and how to teach in class, step by step, so it makes it easier to use and follow. ________________________________________ GS1 consists of 10 steps. Each step has 5 sections. 1. Daily Expressions: Essential expressions for daily life. 2. Actions: Expressions for class work. 3. Katakana: Learn new katakana. 4. Vocabulary: Vocabulary with the new katakana. 5. Slides: Review slides of 1. & 2. ________________________________________ Details of STEP 1 through 10 STEP 1 First-meeting greeting, katakana: Vowels STEP 2 General greetings, katakana: K-line STEP 3 Weather expressions, katakana: S-line STEP 4 Expressions at restaurants, katakana: T-line STEP 5 Expressions for meals, katakana: N-line STEP 6 Expressions for leaving and arriving home, katakana: H-line STEP 7 Expressions for asking, katakana: M-line STEP 8 Classroom expressions 1, katakana: Y-line, small ya, yu, yo STEP 9 Classroom expressions 2, katakana: R-line, wa, wo, n STEP 10 Classroom expressions 3, katakana: small a, i, u, e, o Some STEPS include numbers, dates, days, colors. In addition, special pages about Japanese culture and language are included.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.2

Size: 117.4 MB


Price: 4,46 €

Developed by Kisetsu Educational Group, MLC

Day of release: 2013-02-23

Recommended age: 4+

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