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Kitesurf Instructor: Beginner

*** "A definite must have for any kiteboarder." (5 stars) *** *** "The app is impressive. The descriptions are easy to understand and the videos are ...

Discontinued App


*** "A definite must have for any kiteboarder." (5 stars) *** *** "The app is impressive. The descriptions are easy to understand and the videos are great." (5 stars) *** *** "My (kitesurfing) progression is now in overdrive." (5 stars) *** Kitesurf Instructor (KI) is the original Kitesurfing Instructional app for iPhone and iPod Touch. Each app in the Kitesurf Instructor series features detailed instructional text, photos and video that will teach you how to perform a wide variety of kiteboarding maneuvers. The video clips are stored on your iPhone so that you can view them instantly and without a cell signal. As a valued KI customer you will always get free updates to instructional content. All of the content in the Kitesurf Instructor applications have been written and edited by an IKO certified instructor. Kitesurf Instructor Beginner is designed for newer and more experienced riders alike. KI Beginner is great for those kiters who need to learn or improve upon fundamental skills like riding upwind, riding toeside, jumping and more. Kitesurf Instructor Beginner features: - Upwind Body Drags - Water Starts - Sliding Transitions - Load and Pop - Boosted Jumps - How to Boost Big - Boosted Jumps with Grabs - Riding Toeside - Sliding to Toeside - Pop to Toeside - Pop to Toeside with Grab - Carving from Heel to Toeside - Carving from Toeside to Heelside - Pop from Toeside to Heelside with Grab - Jumping/Aerial Transitions - Jumping Transitions - Keys to Success - General Kitesurfing Tips - Wallpapers and more! If you like KI Beginner, please download the KI Intermediate and KI Advanced (coming soon) apps. These feature more advanced kiteboarding tricks such as Backrolls, Frontrolls, Inverts, Board-offs, Riding Blind, Kiteloops, Raileys and more. Note: Updates are always free with KI. As the weather starts to turn warmer we will be updating the KI series of apps with new videos and instructional segments. Thanks for your support!!! PS. This app is not a substitute for in-person kitesurfing lessons from a certified instructor. The KI app is a great augmentation tool that will help you progress faster once you've taken a couple of lessons.


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