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KLÁBOSIL© is an application designed for augmentative and alternative communication. Its purpose is to enable people with speaking difficulties to communicate ...

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KLÁBOSIL© is an application designed for augmentative and alternative communication. Its purpose is to enable people with speaking difficulties to communicate their needs and emotions, communicate with their environment and further develop their communication abilities. Klabosil was developed in Czech environment; therefore it is originally Czech application. It brings typically Czech expressions and comes from Czech traditions. It can be used also for example in Slovakia because of the language similarity and the possibility to change the text. Principle: by touching a symbol, the client is sending the word to the sentence line. The words are ordered there into sentences or connections and by next touch the words are spoken loudly. Single words are represented by accurate illustrations. Resourceful system of notion classification into categories, subcategories, contexts, start-up and related words enables imitate natural way of speech production. The application is suitable for clients with aphasia, developmental dysphasia, autism, dysartria, movement disorder including cerebral palsy, combined disorders, mental handicaps, mutism, deaf, clients after traumatic brain damage and other acquired or innate communication disorders. SPECIFICATIONS •Predefined contexts, phrases, greetings and other fundamental conversational elements •More than 1000 symbols •Possibility to create one’s own, unique way of division and contents of categories •Possibility of unlimited extension of vocabulary: •By selection from built in gallery of symbols •By photographs or pictures from one’s own albums •By creating new photo-galleries “here and now” – directly from application •Possibility to markedly reduce the amount of notions and thus customize the contents for clients with a small vocabulary. •Three sizes of display (for clients with motive and visual handicaps) •Voice output in Czech •Logical division of vocabulary (imitating mental maps and dictionary) •Sophisticated edition •Original graphics copyrights When using correctly and by the initial setup that respects reached level of communication abilities of client, the application becomes: FOR CLIENT: •speaking tool – communication, •a tool for mental development and vocabulary •a means of expression of needs, wishes, worries, and emotions, •social link in a contact with parents, social workers, peers and surroundings FOR TEACHERS, LOGOPEDS: •A tool for communication system construction •Verification of knowledge and abilities •A valuable source for vocabulary development and its strengthening •A building stone in the treatment of delayed speech development •Possibility to create own albums for structured plans of activities and learning •Global reading support For parents and social workers: •Mutual sharing, experiencing, and memories •Deeper understanding of the client •An overview of what is happening in the school and outside the family (by using the tool History) •Prevention and mitigation of communication frustration For user support and tips please visit our website applications. Send us a feedback and help us customize Klabosil to the needs of others. The application Klabosil was designed by staff of Special Elementary school Poděbrady, U Bažantnice 156 from the European Union social fund and the state budget.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 69.44 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by NUEMA spol. s r.o.

Day of release: 2013-02-22

Recommended age: 12+

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