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45 games developed by educational experts for your baby, toddler and preschool child. "My daughter really loves everything about this app. Like, a lot." ...

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45 games developed by educational experts for your baby, toddler and preschool child. "My daughter really loves everything about this app. Like, a lot." - Kristen A. "This app is loaded with educational concepts for your toddler...colors, numbers, ABC's, music, shapes, matching, etc. After several weeks of use, my toddler still chooses to play the app because there are so many different games to pick from. As a mom, I am thrilled to know that while my child is playing he is also learning. Well worth the purchase price." - Jamie Wiersma - The Well Connected Mom "The app has a lot of educational value.  The shapes, numbers, alphabet & color games not only entertain, but also educate.  My son is currently enjoying the full version of the app." - Saving Said Simply (mommy blog) "Honestly, an incredibly well-done site with an enormous number of games and features to keep kids interested and learning! I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for fun, engaging, educational, and age appropriate online games for their young children. It has so many pluses..." - Association of Educational Publishers "Innovative concept for 0-5 age group. Age appropriate and very engaging. Number of games means there is always something else to move into and return to without getting boring." - Association of Educational Publishers Play with Purpose Designed and developed by early education experts and parents, KneeBouncers’ Play with Purpose app offers a great wealth of content with over 40 age-appropriate games that help young children meet challenging and achievable learning goals. KneeBouncers Highlights 1. Playful interactive learning games for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. 2. Designed for school and home use. 3. Intuitive game design promotes independent play. 4. Bright, colorful, dynamic games. 5. Lovable characters with lots of personality. 6. Fun, engaging, and makes a great early learning tool. 7. Superb artwork, music and sound fx. 8. Continuous play features. 9. No third-party advertising. KneeBouncers Games Our Classic Collection: Our classic games that little ones have enjoyed for years online. Designed with the help of early education experts to ensure developmentally appropriate content. (17 games) Learning the alphabet has never been more fun! Games concentrate on upper and lower case letter recognition, letter sounds, and the alphabet. (8 games) Fun with numbers. Games that focus on number recognition, number sequencing, and number counting give your little one a strong mathematical foundation. (8 games) Shape up: Identify, name and match shapes! Great interactive and fun games for your little ones to learn the basic shapes. (6 games) Colors: Introduce your little one to the basic colors through a variety of games that concentrate on color identification and color recognition. (5 games) About KneeBouncers Created by Punch Robinson and Kurt Dommermuth, two award-winning advertising and interactive design professionals (and most importantly, dads) with a life-long love for play and learning. Please tell all your friends on Facebook about our great games for the little ones ( or @kneebouncers on Twitter. Contact us at 443-300-2300 or at


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Version: 1.0.9

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Developed by KneeBouncers, LLC

Day of release: 2013-07-18

Recommended age: 4+

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