Video journal your best work while you do your best work with KnowledgeKeeper. KnowledgeKeeper is a platform that allows everyone to participate and ...

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Video journal your best work while you do your best work with KnowledgeKeeper. KnowledgeKeeper is a platform that allows everyone to participate and create video journals of safe work practices, not just the training folks or compliance, but every craftsman can quickly create and share video journals of their best work. KnowledgeKeeper stores all of your on-the-job video journals in the cloud so you won't run out of memory space on your mobile device. The Free, Public Community of Practice (CoP) edition enables you to start using KnowledgeKeeper right away to begin video journaling and sharing your best work with others in the safety community. KnowledgeKeeper corporate subscriptions enable companies to securely network and transfer knowledge of the company's senior Specialists. Using the power of video collaboration, Specialists are able to extend their knowledge reach 24-7 to improve the safety and quality of work, reduce mis-ops and improve human performance. Secure, Private HD Video Journaling and Uploading • Securely upload and keep private HD videos journals of your best work. • Edit in HD before upload using iMovie • Fast easy HD Video journaling, editing and uploading no computer is needed HD Playback • ME: My private and My shared video journals • US; Sharing for instant collaboration with publish to Library • LIBRARY: Publish video job journals of your best work to a Library of Catalogs managed by company Specialists • Save videos for offline use and playback when a network is not available Geolocations • Longitude and Latitude of video hazards are automatically captured during upload • When you arrive at a location, view location specific video hazards shared by others who worked in your vicinity • Set, Remove and Change geolocations on any video hazard as needed Apple Watch • At a glance, use your Apple Watch to see all available video hazards in your immediate vicinity • Play video hazards on the Apple Watch • View a Timeline of video journals shared by others Apple TV • Share your best work on the big screen in HD withKnowledgeKeeper for TVOS • Pipe in situational awareness from the field to the dispatch center Search • Search videos in the ME, US, and LIBRARY areas by title or by description • Search every word in the transcripts • Search every person by first name or by last name Transcripts • Private accounts include a pre-paid bank of transcription minutes • Swipe to transcribe videos that are in the Library and have been approved by the Catalog's Specialist • Search every word in the video then jump to that part of the video in playback Mobile Video Collaboration Workflow • Strengthen employee engagement with likes, "this helped me" and Invite to watch video workflows • Swipe your finger to Share, Publish and Approve. An easy to use push notification workflow • Upgrade to a private KnowledgeKeeper corporate subscription to securely network every KnowledgeKeeper person in your company Made for Business • Leverage the company's mobile device investments and harness video collaboration as a powerful knowledge transfer pathway • Secure, private sign up, sign in and self service password retrieval • Create and manage multiple business units or customer accounts with in-App CoP Linking • Powerful in-App administration and notification features right on the mobile device Upgrade to a private, corporate KnowledgeKeeper subscription to securely share on the job video journals with only the persons who work in your company. KnowledgeKeeper enables a company's top performers to video journal their best work while the work is being done. This helps everyone in the company to visualize compliance and adhere to the company's standard methods and procedures. Specialists in the company can leverage KnowledgeKeeper's Swipe to Push Workflow to publish a steady stream of fresh content from the field into KnowledgeKeeper's Library of Specialist controlled Catalogs.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.7.9

Size: 6.82 MB


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Developed by OpCon Technologies

Day of release: 2013-03-23

Recommended age: 4+

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