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Studying for the SAT, the PSAT, or the ACT? Looking for an easy way to build your vocabulary fast? The Knowsys SAT Vocabulary Flashcards app will ...

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Studying for the SAT, the PSAT, or the ACT? Looking for an easy way to build your vocabulary fast? The Knowsys SAT Vocabulary Flashcards app will help you maximize your score! To help you maximize your score, you need to know the most frequently tested and missed words AND you need a way to master them as quickly and easily as possible. Fortunately for you, Knowsys has exactly what you need! Just the vital vocabulary words! Some “SAT Vocab” lists have 1000, 2000, or more words! Get real! Even if you looked at every single released SAT exam from the last 10 years, you won’t find that many tested words all together. So, why bother trying to learn all those extra words? What you really need is the words that actually get tested on the SAT! Knowsys gives you those frequently-tested and missed words and ONLY those words! The Knowsys SAT Vocabulary Flashcards list isn’t padded with extra words that sound impressive, rack up our numbers, and waste your valuable study time and energy. We know that the best way to raise your score is to be prepared for what actually gets tested (doing anything else is like studying Calculus to prepare for an Algebra I exam . . . . It just doesn’t make sense!). The fastest way to learn! Knowsys groups the words into thematic categories to help you maximize your results and minimize your efforts. With the Knowsys categories, you will learn words in synonym groups like “uncertainty” and “criticism” and “language.” This will help you build your vocabulary faster and get the words into your long-term memory so you know them for the test, for your classes, for college, and for life! An efficient way to study! The Knowsys cards give you the control. You swipe up if you get the word correct and down if you miss it. Then, the Knowsys program does the rest! It will track your swipes and tag words as Learned and Unlearned based on your level of confidence. Progress Tracking lets you see how you’re doing on the word, the group, or the entire set! In a hurry? Don’t have a lot of time before you take the SAT, the PSAT, or the ACT? Better get busy with the Knowsys SAT Vocabulary Flashcards FREE version! It contains the top 3 groups (34 words). These 3 groups represent the most frequently-seen words on the SAT! Ready for more? Buy the Knowsys SAT Vocabulary Flashcards app and learn all 300 of the most frequently-tested words!


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