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Koolgurus Are you a teacher or a parent who always look for innovative ideas to stimulate learning among kids? a.Do you struggle everyday to come up ...

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Koolgurus Are you a teacher or a parent who always look for innovative ideas to stimulate learning among kids? a.Do you struggle everyday to come up with minimum 15 minutes of work for your kids? b.Do you hate paying enormous amount and going to your local center to find the same repetitive work for your kids? c.Do you scramble online once in a while for fun activities and worksheets? d.Do you wish your kids should accept new challenges, take ownership and show interest to learn everyday without too much of monitoring and pressure? e.Do you feel guilty of printing those worksheets for your younger ones to be trashed? f.Do you wish for some innovative, interactive and fun method of learning? If you answered yes to any then keep on reading… KoolBook PK1 is one of the series of apps for iPad designed to answer all the above questions. The app is eco-friendly and has been designed and developed by parents and teachers like you facing the same dilemma. The app offers following functionalities: ➢Worksheets with contents to stimulate learning and creative thinking. The Lite version comes with 5 free worksheets and full paid version has 50 extra worksheets totaling to 55. 55 worksheets are good for 3 months of busy schedule for you and your young ones. ➢Two modes •Kids Mode: ==>Forward and Backward navigation to browse different pages in the KoolBook. ==>Pencil option to select color and width, which opens the whole canvas for kids to explore. ==>Eraser to erase any errors. ==>Review mode allows parents/teachers to enter password protected review features of the app. ==>Buy Now/More apps to explore the full version and other apps. •Review Mode: ==>Stamps: Don’t forget to reward your younger ones for their hard work with some nice stamps. ==>Grades: The young ones are too small to understand grades, so we came out with a simple concept of stars rating of 1 to 5. Reviewers can turn on the display of star ratings if they want by going to the Settings on the device. ==>Reset: Have you heard the saying “Practice makes you perfect”, this option resets all the work on the current worksheet and allows re-doing. ==>Email: How about sharing the work with others like parents, teachers, colleagues and other kids? ==>Report: Helps you to monitor how much time young geniuses are spending on each worksheets, how much time you spent on review and how they scored on each worksheet. ==>Settings: Allows you to update if you missed something. ==>Help: Just in case you need assistance. ==>About Us: Who are we? Stay in touch! The content is designed for kids between 3 and 5 years old.


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