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KosmicMath-Educator edition, designed for classroom and educator usage, reinforces mathematical scope and sequence learning requirements of pre-school ...

Discontinued App


KosmicMath-Educator edition, designed for classroom and educator usage, reinforces mathematical scope and sequence learning requirements of pre-school through 4th grade. It is sold and licensed for 1 player with 5 grade levels (PreK through 4’th), and requires WIFI or 3G connectivity. Licensing is additive to the enterprise. For educational reinforcement, KosmicMath sets the standard. It is a sophisticated mobile learning tool designed by children but addressing the needs of parent and educators alike. KosmicMath is available for home use (KosmicMath 1-4 players, KM-Family 5 players) and educational use (KM-Educator enterprise). Licensed versions of KosmicMath support multiple players on a single device (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad), device independence allowing players to continue game play across devices. KosmicMath is a space exploration game that uses a vivid imagery, animation, sound affects along with multimedia content, encouraging continued play and exploration of our solar system. By powering their space craft using only their mathematical skills, players are encouraged to pilot their way through our solar system visiting each planet. Planet trip scores determine mission success. Players demonstrating mastery are rewarded with Alien puzzle pieces which they can capture into their trophy vault. Players operating within grade level expectations, but not operating at mastery level are rewarded the planet. Winning and planting a flag on the planet unlocks access to the additional space imagery and public domain information hosted on various NASA web sites - made available via WiFii or 3G network connectivity. Parents and Educators: KosmicMath is much more than mathematics game; it is an advanced scope and sequence reinforcement platform that monitors player response gathering over 170 data points per play session. Player performance data is stored locally and synchronized into a central data repository via WIFI/cellular networks if enabled. Players, educators & parents may view and analyze mission or drill data stored on the KosmicMath Web Portal to track achievements and quickly identify problem areas. Access to the KosmicMath Web Portal is included in the KosmicMath license for 12 months. As evidenced by local, state, national and international testing scores, too many students are struggling with basic mathematics. Parents and teachers alike point to a root cause being a lack of memorization of early fundamentals. Today’s schools are stressed to provide an ever wider and more generalized education experience with less classroom time. The result is that there is seemingly no time left for basic memorization practices in the early grades. KosmicMath’s mission is to put the fun back into mastering basic math via repetitive memorization. With 20 levels of increasing challenge, KosmicMath was designed to continually reinforce the mathematical curriculum at each grade level while striving for mastery of mathematical operations. KosmicMath progressively increases the challenge for the player experience mirroring educational curriculum. Unlike products based upon random number generators, KosmicMath will not punish a struggling student, but will identify a struggling student, bolster their confidence and return them to grade and level appropriate problems. KosmicMath employees a proprietary problem generation algorithm which mimics human instruction, by generating problems that are always appropriate to the player’s grade and experience level. KosmicMath’s problem generation algorithm tracks all student success and failures - constantly adjusting to each players’ unique learning requirements. The KosmicMath problem generation engine automatically adjusts the player’s difficulty and settings as they progress through 20 increasing levels of challenge. KosmicMath was conceived from the minds of children, but with the needs of today’s parents and educators.


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Version: 1.0

Size: 37.84 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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