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LAC Stick Trainer for iPad

"LAC stick trainer for iPad" is a training tool to control RC helicopter pilots who aim.(This is not Game. but include game factor) Concept: Beginner ...

Discontinued App


"LAC stick trainer for iPad" is a training tool to control RC helicopter pilots who aim.(This is not Game. but include game factor) Concept: Beginner pilot to learn the handling of single rotor collective pitch(CP) helicopter You learn stick operation. Especially cyclic operation of To progress in a shorter amount of time while reducing maintenance costs and repair time through them Why study the cyclic stick:And elements of RC helicopter flying skills necessary for there are many. To classify some. 1, be familiar with the adjustments, such as aircraft 2, Knowing the habit of aircraft 3, Correct handling 4, Enough flight time For 1 and 2 will vary depending on individual aircraft and equipment. For you to learn these, it is necessary to perform and settings that actually fly. 3 and 4 is the ability of the pilot. That these training tools is possible and compensate for. Let's break it down into about 3 more points. Can operate freely without thinking four ( throttle, rudder, elevators, ailerons ) will be required. Point is particularly difficult Operation of the cyclic stick, such as elevators and ailerons. Operation will change completely depending on the direction of the aircraft. Consider how to operate the stick further decomposition. A, amount B, timing C, direction A, B are affected by the habit of setting and the aircraft. however, C is entirely dependent on control of the pilot. If we are able to manipulate even have a good understanding of direction, you will be able to prevent the crash of so many. Of course. Rudder and throttle reduce the crash and lost control. Operation can be quickly and accurately the cyclic stick is a top priority to the improvement. How to learn: If you familiar with the cyclic, you will be able to pirouette hovering, and pirouette circle. in the beginning. We have prepared a lesson( over 30 STEPs ) enough to pirouette hovering. The first few lessons you might be boring too easy Learning until the last, will help you enjoy the walk freely air. Lessons beyond that, please look forward to future versions. this practice is based on the story called "Pirouette flip from the age of 50." that is RC helicopter enthusiasts in Japan was invented. If you master all these lessons, then you may be able to reduce the cost of repair many times over. This app is to reproduce the RC Micro Helicopter. If you are the 400 class helicopter pilot, Repair costs will be needed a lot more in the crash with only one. Future is to add a lesson with the goal of pirouette flip. Subdivided lesson , adding the airport, new flight engine implementation, to add the new aircraft. any more. We will wait for the feedback. Settings and Features: Helper for flight is ... trail target direction Forward instructions Just stop hovering indicator Horizontal leveler and this minimum viewing altitude Control is ... Stick Layout MODE1/2/3 and one idle-up Dual rate and EXPO elevator, aileron and rudder, Touch screen UI is ... Adjustment of the stick region Gap width of the neutral Camera is ... Fixed zoom magnification Automatic zoom Ratio of maximum / minimum in Automatic zoom Tracking logic of six (LINER,IN,OUT,GYRO,STEP,STEP IN) View is ... Close up On board Under see more info and screenshot, visit official site.


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Version: 1.2.7

Size: 48.42 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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