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#1 Best-Selling LDS Scriptures app, used by hundreds of thousands of users! Money-back guarantee! Known as THE Scriptures app to get! Exclusive features ...

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#1 Best-Selling LDS Scriptures app, used by hundreds of thousands of users! Money-back guarantee! Known as THE Scriptures app to get! Exclusive features you won't find in any other app! Includes 2014 Curriculum! LDSScriptures.com continues to be the leading innovator in Scripture study tools. Thanks to everyone for making this the highest rated, most favorite, most recommended, most innovative, and best LDS Scriptures app for the iPad! ► NEW! Video Library - Download or Stream 1600+ Videos! ► Automated Syncing and Backup ► Export/Download your Markings anytime from LDSScriptures.com ► Listen to Scriptures while you read (streaming or download) ► Listen or Watch General Conference (streaming or download) ► AirPlay Support for Audio and Video ► Download Audio/Video for Offline use ► English, Spanish & German Scriptures ► In-Line Citations (amazing feature! See talks, manuals, etc. that link to any verse!) ► No hassle 100% Money-back guarantee! Try this one first if you can't decide! Items backed up and synced between devices and platforms: ► Tags ► Highlighting - phrase/word highlighting in 8 colors! ► Bookmarks ► Notes (show in-line, auto linked references) ► Cross-references (create your own) ► Journal Other features: ► PDF Library (includes Scriptures, manuals, Church magazines, FHE lessons, and more!) ► Gospel Art Kit ► Mirror Screen to projector/TV Gen Conf video and Gospel Art Kit for lessons! ► Autoscrolling ► Search (including Phrase search) ► Multiple Pages (switch between places in the Scriptures without losing your place!) ► Footnotes, Cross-References ► Night Reading Mode and Themes ► Text with JST Footnotes now show in red! ► Lesson Builder! Create and present talks and lessons right from the app! (Premium Add-on) ► Reading Plans! Create a schedule to read the Book of Mormon and more! (Premium Add-on) Complete Standard Works (ch. headings, footnotes, & streaming audio!): ► Old and New Testament ► Book of Mormon ► Doctrine and Covenants ► Pearl of Great Price ► Joseph Smith Translation Study Helps: ► Bible Dictionary ► Topical Guide ► Guide to the Scriptures ► Triple Comb. Index Music: ► Hymns (Music, Text, and Streaming Audio! - Sort, Search, Topic) ► Children's Song Book (Text) Manuals: ► 2013 Curriculum including new Youth Curriculum ► Teachings of Lorenzo Snow (with Page #'s!) ► Daughters of My Kingdom (RS Book) ► Teacher's Manuals & Member Study Guides for all Standard Works ► Gospel Principles (with Page #'s) ► Preparing for Exaltation ► Preach My Gospel ► Aaronic Priesthood Manuals ► Duty to God ► YW Manuals ► Personal Progress ► ALL Teachings of Prophets Manuals ► Marriage & Family Relations Manuals ► Temple Prep Manual ► Addiction Recovery Manual ► OT, NT, D&C, BofM Student & Teacher Manuals ► Our Heritage Other Resources: ► Church Handbook 2 ► General Conference Talks (from 1971-Current) with streaming audio and video! ► Scripture Mastery ► Priesthood Ordinances ► True to the Faith ► Quotes, 100+ Topics ► Lectures on Faith ► Family Proclamation, Living Christ ► For the Strength of Youth ► US Constitution, Decl. of Independence (Exclusive!) Content is copyright Intellectual Reserve, Inc. What users are saying about this app: 5 STARS! “The Best Scripture App! I actually downloaded 3 different scripture apps to try them out and this is the one I keep coming back to.” - Clemson Donnatucci 5 STARS! “Best scripture app by far!!!!!” - Baldkid 5 STARS! “The Best! This is by far the best LDS Scriptures app out there. I did lots of research before buying this and have been extremely happy about my choice.” - nateban 5 STARS! "I got the free scripture app and it was...ok, and then I just broke down and paid for this one. It is 1000 times better than the free app and worth every penny..." - H. Rodas 5 STARS! "This app is worth every penny!" - Freezerbox Content is copyright Intellectual Reserve, Inc.


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Version: 2.16

Size: 149.6 MB


Price: $ 11.98

Developed by LDS Scriptures

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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