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LDS Scriptures for iPad

Oct. 2012 General Conference talks now included! The LDS Scriptures app for iPad is the highest rated and most advanced scripture app available and the ...

Discontinued App


Oct. 2012 General Conference talks now included! The LDS Scriptures app for iPad is the highest rated and most advanced scripture app available and the only app with real tabs and split-screen viewing. This is the iPad app church leaders use! 100% Money-back guarantee. Click More for exclusive list --> http://StandardWorks.com/compare User guide is located at StandardWorks.com EXCLUSIVE FEATURES NO OTHER SCRIPTURE APP HAS: ...Integration with LDSScripturesApp.com ...Split-pane Views - view two things at once ...Optional display of Library View ...Bookmark Folders ...Multi-Verse Bookmarks ...Fast Grid Views ...TrueTabs™ (up to 40 tabs) ...Real-time Search Engine ...Advanced Search Options ...Favorite Documents ...AirPrint Support ...Instant font-size Adjustment ...Quick Scroller ...Dual-mode Auto-Scrolling ...Most Highlighting Colors ...Highlight with Bold, Italic, and Underline ...Custom Cross-References ...Most Content ...ePub Format Support ...Load Your Own Content (Word, Powerpoint, Numbers, PDF, ...) ...Customize All Colors (not limited to themes) Content includes the entire LDS Standard Works, all manuals for core-curriculum classes, and manuals for optional courses, leaders, and the family. Song books (hymns and children's), study resources, and other guides are included. Every scriptural reference throughout the content is already cross-referenced. Thousands of additional resources are available from LDSScripturesApp.com including every issue of the Ensign, New Era, and Friend ever published. Even upload your own content and share it! OTHER FEATURES: •Backup data to LDSScripturesApp.com •Listen to the scriptures •Listen/Watch General Conference Talks •Gospel Art Kit •Citations •Journal & Talk Builder •Church Handbook 2 •Create your own cross-references and footnotes •Facebook/Twitter integration •Email/Print support •Audio/Video support •AirPrint support •Gospel Art Book, Maps & Photos •ePub format support •Read scriptures, hymns, manuals in their print format! •TrueTabs™ •Load virtually any of your own content into the app •Gesture support •Bookmarks (organize into subfolders, update, rename, copy, paste) •Highlighting (24 total colors, underline, bold, italic; words, phrases, and entire verses) •Verse tagging •Auto-scrolling text •Scripture mastery bookmarks •Notes •Instant search results •Font sizing via pinching •Customize colors, font, margins and alignment CONTENT: Entire Standard Works (headings, footnotes, streaming audio): •Old Testament •New Testament •Book of Mormon •Doctrine & Covenants •Pearl of Great Price •Joseph Smith Translation Study Helps: •Bible Dictionary •Topical Guide •Guide to the Scriptures •Triple Combination Index Songs: •Hymns (sort by name or #) •Children's Songbook (sort by name or page, text only) Manuals & Guides: •Gospel Principles 2012, w/ page #'s •Preach My Gospel •Nursery •Primary •Young Women (w/resource guide) •Aaronic Priesthood (w/resource guide) •Presidents of the Church •Teacher's Manuals (OT, NT, BM, D&C) •Study Guides (OT, NT, BM, D&C) •Preparing for Exaltation •Our Heritage •Teachings: Joseph Smith •Preparing for Exaltation •Gospel Principles •Gospel Fundamentals •Marriage and Family Relations (w/study guide) •Temple Preparation (w/guide) •The LDS Woman A&B •Duties of the Priesthood A&B •Duty To God •Young Women Personal Progress Resources: •Church Handbook 2 •2009-12 GCs •LDS Gems, Inspiration Quotes (over 150 topics) •Faith in God •For the Strength of Youth •True to the Faith •Guidebook for Parents and Leaders •Priesthood and Auxiliary Leaders' Guidebook •Family Guidebook •Addiction Recovery Program •Strengthening Marriage •Strengthening the Family •Teaching, No Greater Call Misc.: •Family Proclamation •Living Christ •Lectures on Faith http://StandardWorks.com/ipad/lds-scriptures-app


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Version: 4.26

Size: 135.78 MB


Price: 13,99 €

Developed by Standard Works LLC

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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