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Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), otherwise known as Machine Efficiency, is a Lean Manufacturing Tool. The LEAN OEE Tracker will assist in establishing ...

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Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), otherwise known as Machine Efficiency, is a Lean Manufacturing Tool. The LEAN OEE Tracker will assist in establishing baseline data and tracking your efficiency trends, as you methodically recover your financial Lost Opportunity. OEE uses the elements of Availability, Performance and Quality to provide a balanced efficiency score. The LEAN OEE Tracker, courtesy of Growth Improvements Pty Ltd, will allow you to track 10 machine / product combinations, calculate your OEE, compare your efficiency score against the World Class Benchmark, email (excel based) data reports for your trending and graphing analysis and also work out the annual financial Lost Opportunity of running your machinery with the specifications you enter. The LEAN OEE Tracker could put you on the right path to recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars. APP User Instructions: Step 1: Identify what the ‘Value Add’ activity is for your machine (the function the customer pays for). Step 2: Create a machine and enter shift working time, machine performance and product financial figures. The App will use ‘60’ as a default in Value Add production (as in maximum of 60 minutes per hour Value Add Activity). Step 3: Enter the Availability for a shift, either in Hours or Minutes. Enter the Equipment Operating Time for the shift ie. 6.75 hours. Step 4: Enter the Performance for the shift, being the average performance of the Equipment per hour of Operating Time, in Units Produced, Machine Speed or as Value Add Production. Step 5: Enter the Quality for the shift, being the amount of production output that was ‘Right First Time’, either in Units Produced, Scrap Rate or Yield Losses. Step 6: View your Overall Equipment Efficiency for the shift, and the gap between your performance and World Class OEE standard (85%). Email report now, or go back to Dashboard to save data. Step 7: View your annual financial Lost Opportunity, if the machine was run that way every shift. Often best to track a month’s data to find the average figures, enter them, and view a more accurate Lost Opportunity. Step 8: Commence problem solving to recover some of that Lost Opportunity. Set a SMART Target to work towards, for OEE in the future. Step 9: Visit www.growy.com.au/lean-oee-tracker/ for detailed instructions on how to tailor to App to your business, to get a free OEE Tracking Template, or business improvement assistance in general.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.3

Size: 419.81 KB


Price: 2,79 €

Developed by Growth Improvements Pty Ltd

Day of release: 2013-11-6

Recommended age: 4+

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