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2014 Dates are now in The LEEP and it includes over 3,800 events, promotions and holidays for 2014. Purchases in 2013 automatically receive the 2014 ...

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2014 Dates are now in The LEEP and it includes over 3,800 events, promotions and holidays for 2014. Purchases in 2013 automatically receive the 2014 calendar year free. Holidays, Promotions, Observances, Events and Anniversaries, over 3,500 including daily, weekly, monthly and annual events specific to the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Chinese markets. Nothing, absolutely nothing comes close to how comprehensive this amazing calendar is in both depth and breadth. Regular updates and additions are made throughout the year to insure you have the most recent, up-to-date information about what's happening in these five key markets. The 3,500+ events are organized into daily, weekly, monthly and annual events as well as over 60 distinct categories that show you all the events in that category for the year in one tab. Sporting Events, Holidays, Entertainment Events, Health care Industry Events, K-12 Events, Historic Anniversaries, Major News Events, national and international observances, Events for Children, Families, Animals and Romance. Key retail promotions, fashion shows, televised events and media events. Environmental Events. Civil Rights Events, Financial Events, Legal Industry and Real Estate Industry Events, Military Events, Technology Events, Dates tied to transportation, travel and tourism. Even events specific to seniors, men or women. Plus the full Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh holiday (cultural and religious) calendars. Each listing includes a source URLs that connect to the organization behind the event or provide more information on that topic. The LEEP includes the ability to add to iCalendar and add your own events, include notes with each listing, search by key word or by industry. Search an entire year at a time. Submit events for consideration. Unique to the LEEP, monthly pictorial calendars with all the daily and weekly events pre-printed. Registered LEEPs include a free downloadable wall calendar with all events pre-printed, (prints out from 8.5 X 11 to 23 X 3) and PDF version of the 300 plus page LEEP Calendar Book. For media, editorial and promotional planners, this calendar will save you weeks of research. For bloggers, writers and editors, thousands of story ideas reside within this app. You'll never be stumped with writers block again. LEEP Calendar Pro Specifications 1. Add your own Events? Unlimited Number 2. Daily Events: Entire Year 3. Weekly Events: Entire Year 4. Monthly Events: Entire Year 5. Annual & Decade Events: All 6. Source URLs: All Events 7. Visual Calendar: Entire Year Wall Calendar (All events pre-printed and current as of October 2012) 8. Download & Print: Current Calendar Year 9. Add events to iCalendar: Yes 10. Add Reminders: Any Event 11. Search by Category: 61 Industry Categories 12. Search by keyword: Yes 13. Submit an event for consideration: Yes 14. Submit a correction: Yes 15. Feedback Form: Yes 16. Regular Updates of Events: Yes 17. Ability to post event to Social Media: Pending 18. Technical Support: Yes The LEEP Calendar Pro application includes: - Anniversary dates - General holidays - Historical holidays - Religious holidays (Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu & Sikh - United Nations world events - United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Chinese national events - NGO Promotions - Industry specific promotions - National and regional non-profit promotions - Events tied to the Military - Romantic holidays and events - Whimsical holidays and promotions - Events and promotions for women, children, men and families and more. With the LEEP Calendar Pro Application plan a year’s worth of promotions or features quickly. Save time. Make money. Market Smart with The LEEP.


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