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LEJ (InApp)

This app is not free! It allows previously purchased "LEJ" users use for free. For new users, an InApp purchase is required to activate the dictionary. For ...

Discontinued App


This app is not free! It allows previously purchased "LEJ" users use for free. For new users, an InApp purchase is required to activate the dictionary. For previous owners: Launch this app and wait a few seconds. If the normal dictionary screen doesn't appear, reboot your device and try again. Do NOT tap "Purchase" or "Restore" -those are for InApp purchasers. 【ãâ€æ³¨æ„Ã£€‘このアプリは無料ではãâ€Ã£–いませã‚“。 ENFOUR,INC.より販売されていた「ロングマン英和辞典」(旧版)ã‚’ãâ€è³¼å…¥æ¸ˆÃ£¿Ã£®æ–¹Ã£¯Ã£“のアプリã‚’無料でãâ€åˆ©Ã§â€¨é ‚けるようにサポートしています。未購入の方は本アプリ内でおæ 払い手続きã‚’行うことでãâ€åˆ©Ã§â€¨é ‚けるようになります。 Activateã‚’求めるç※面が表示された場合は「Help」ボタンã‚’押して説明ã‚’ãâ€å‚照ください。 旧版ã‚’ãâ€è³¼å…¥æ¸ˆÃ£¿Ã£®æ–¹Ã£€Ã£ŠÃ£‚ˆÃ£³æœ¬Ã£‚¢Ã£ƒ—リ内でおæ 払い手続きã‚’行ってãâ€è³¼å…¥æ¸ˆÃ£¿Ã£®æ–¹Ã£¯Ã£€è³¼å…¥Ã£®Ã£ŸÃ£‚Ã£®é‡‘額が表示されたボタンã‚’押さないようにãâ€æ³¨æ„Ã£Ã£ Ã£•Ã£„。 ___________________ 「ロングマン英和辞典」 Natural English - Natural Japanese! ____________ now with Japanese -> English look-up ____________ The "Longman English-Japanese Dictionary" is the first and only bilingual dictionary to be based 100% on English and Japanese corpora and is designed to help learners easily find information and focus on natural meanings that are important. NOTE: This dictionary was designed with the native Japanese speaker in mind. For a non-native Japanese speakers, a good understanding of kana and kanji is essential. All English examples and collocations are based on the Longman Corpus Network, a 330-million-word database of spoken and written English across a spectrum of sources. All Japanese translations are based on Longman's new and revolutionary 50-million-word corpus of contemporary Japanese. A 100% corpora backbone ensures that different meanings of a word are presented in order of frequency. This cutting edge full color dictionary includes over 700 movies, illustrations and photos, 102,000 headwords and phrases, 83,000 example sentences, 63,000 collocations, clear grammar presentations, error notes for Japanese learners, notes about formality, sound/pronunciation and much more. This iPhone version also includes: * progressive look-up for quick searching * lookup from English or Japanese * wildcard searches * spelling suggestion dictionary * direct linking into description page for Idioms and Phrasal Verbs * natural English pronunciation for almost all headwords * links out to English dictionaries and Thesauri. (if installed) * bookmark facility with folders * customizable flashcards grouping with random shake * search history function * zoomable illustrations and photos * descriptive movies * complete front matter and communication guide * "Retina Display" support * Word-of-the-day Copyright© 2007 Pearson Education Limited Powered by -"UniDict® Engine 5"


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Version: 5.7

Size: 458.39 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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