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LYNfabrikken is ‘connecting just do it people`. Inspired by the two slogans “Connecting People” and “Just Do It”, LYNfabrikken has ...

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LYNfabrikken is ‘connecting just do it people’. Inspired by the two slogans “Connecting People” and “Just Do It”, LYNfabrikken has been a platform for creative businesses since 2002. The focus has been on inspiration, networking and a high level of ambition. LYNfabrikken is an alternative to the classic entrepreneurial frame of mind. LYNfabrikken does not operate with business plans, but with people. There is no single way to be successful as a business, but a variety of ways. LYNfabrikken does not focus on the product, but on the motivation, the process and how good ideas come about and new collaborations develop. LYNfabrikken works intensively and seriously to provide the best framework for developing ideas and meetings between people. LYNfabrikken has many approaches to how creative environments can thrive. LYNfabrikken seeks to blaze new trails rather than follow in the footsteps of others. By placing office hotels, a coffee bar and a shop in the same building, LYNfabrikken has created healthy dynamics between hard work and recreation, between the serious and the relaxed, between business and pleasure. App. In this app you can read entries from our blog, browse upcoming events, watch our videos and enjoy our photo gallery. Officehotel. 28 officespots for creative people. Architects, graphic designers, productdesigners, textile, fashion, web, photography, motion graphics, new media...... We have it all. BOX. LYNfabrikken runs its own galleri. BOX is the place for experiments from the design, crafts and architecture scene. A lot of designers are not only producing products, but also work, that fits an artistic platform better. So BOX is about the work inbetween genres, inbetween categories. BOX is about energy, experiments and breaking down boundaries. In 2009 BOX had 7 shows. LYNtalks. Since 2002 we have invited speakers from all over the world to LYNfabrikken. To tell their story, how the became what they are today. A story directly from the heart and the head. Here are just a few names: Future Farmers, Tomato, David OReilly, Karlssonwilker, Marije Vogelzang, Julien Vallée, Random International, Henrik Vibskov... Rent us. Do you want the perfect setting for a party, a recordrelease, a meeting, conference, what ever, LYNfabrikken offers great industriel solutions. Nice catering and a nice setting. Platforms. You can find us on Facebook, Itunes, Vimeo, Youtube, Twitter etc. So go ahead. More info: www.lynfabrikken.dk Vestergade 49B 8000 Aarhus C Denmark +45 87 3000 75


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