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"...A hit with my kids... the words are well-enunciated and pitch perfect." - *** As seen on ABC News! *** Langu ...

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"...A hit with my kids... the words are well-enunciated and pitch perfect." - *** As seen on ABC News! *** Langu Mandarin Chinese is a bilingual language toy that makes learning fun. Langu's intuitive and tactile interface keeps hands and minds engaged, while its clean design, engaging images, and movement draw you in. There's nothing between you and the language. HOW IT WORKS: Watch the video demo at ! After diving into a set of words, learners switch between photocards by flicking left and right. Each photocard has the printed English word above it and the Chinese word below it. Switching between Chinese and English is as easy as sliding the photocard up or down to reveal the desired language. As you slide the photocards, a native speaker clearly pronounces newly revealed words. FEATURES: 100 words translated into both Chinese and English and organized into 7 sets: - Animals - elephant, dog, etc. - Numbers - one, twenty, etc. - Colors - blue, red, etc. - Shapes - circle, diamond, etc. - Body - feet, face, etc. - Food - milk, hamburger, etc. - Vehicles - bicycle, car, etc. Words are spoken in both English and Mandarin by native speakersâ€â€ Great for learning either language, or both! Each word is paired with a beautiful and memorable photo to help cement word association. Langu's Chinese words can be displayed 3 different ways. For example, the Chinese word for 'hair' can be written tóufà, 头发, or é ­é«®, depending on your level and focus of study. Langu supports: •Pinyin (phonetic) •Simplified Characters •Traditional Characters Langu comes equipped with three learning modes, each able to help you focus on a specific goal: LEARNING MODE Teaching mode automatically plays sounds and shows words, creating a casual learning experience that is best for beginners. PRONUNCIATION PRACTICE MODE Pronunciation practice allows you to view and speak the word, then tap to check your pronunciation. This is most effectively used when learning with the phonetic Pinyin or English. QUIZ MODE Quiz mode suppresses both the written and spoken word, allowing you to test your recall.


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