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Language Arts 1st

NeoLithix First-Sixth Grade Language Arts Space Board iPad App contains 18 great digital workbooks (Learning Modules), plus two BONUS digital workbooks ...

Discontinued App


NeoLithix First-Sixth Grade Language Arts Space Board iPad App contains 18 great digital workbooks (Learning Modules), plus two BONUS digital workbooks for added fun & learning. First-Sixth grade age children (+ older children remedially) can hand-write in these workbooks countless times "digitally" using a stylus, rather than just once using "write-once and throw away" conventional workbooks. A great "green" product! Students' hand-written work is digitally recorded for later review by parent, teacher or tutor. Features: - Language Arts ONLY - Great for English Teachers and Tutors to have a full range of materials - Provides over 500 pages for children to write, trace & color by hand, learning the fun digital way - Self-paced, self-tutoring, provides for guilt-free repetition so students can master the materials - All Learning Modules use a unique Question/Answer instant self-assessment feature that allows students to immediately self-check their work by displaying the correct answer right next to their hand-written answer, thus leveraging parent's, teacher's & tutor's limited time - Built-in on-line videos for workbook overview and a quick-start user's guide - Child's hand-drawn and written work can be snap-shot archived and then printed or emailed later - Student uses a capacitive writing stylus which allows the student to interact with the learning content through writing by hand, as opposed to simply tapping or touching the screen, clicking on a mouse or typing on a keyboard. Writing by hand makes learning fun, faster & easier! Learning objectives in this Language Arts First-Sixth Grade app include: - 1st GRADE: Short Vowels, Long Vowels & Word Families - 2nd GRADE: Syllable Patterns, Types of Sentences, Nouns, Verbs & Adjectives - 3rd GRADE: Context Clues, Sequencing, Cause & Effect, Setting, Feelings & Emotions - 4th GRADE: Subjects, Predicates, Nouns, Verbs, etc. - 5th GRADE: Summary and Main Idea, Fact / Opinion, Prediction, Fact & Details - 6th GRADE: Parts of Speech (Noun / Pronoun and Verb / Adverb), Phrases Plus Two Bonus Books: - Blank Pages for Creative Drawing - Ruled Pages for Creative Writing Recent research & studies confirm that writing by hand promotes visual motor integration (hand-eye coordination) as well as cognitive and conceptual development and other intellectual and physiological skills. Writing by hand strengthens students cognitive development helps them grasp and express complex concepts and ideas and improves their overall intellectual achievement. To read these articles: http://theweek.com/article/index/207846/how-writing-by-hand-makes-kids-smarter Total Library Offerings: - PreK (Astronaut Series) - Kindergarten (Rocket Series) - 1st-6th Grades: Math, Science, Language Arts & Social Studies - ALL Math, ALL Science, ALL Language Arts, ALL Social Studies for 1st-6th Grades For more information: info@space-boards.com www.space-boards.com


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