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Black Friday / Cyber Monday special deal - 50% off! Educational app with clear graphics that kids are sure to enjoy! • • • • • • "I started ...

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Black Friday / Cyber Monday special deal - 50% off! Educational app with clear graphics that kids are sure to enjoy! - - - - - • "I started using your app daily in my practice and it's working great! I especially love the reports I can email to the child's parents or even to myself. And, having all those tests in one app on my iPad - that's brilliant! Trisha L., Special Educator from U.S.A." - - - - - • The app is designed in cooperation with therapists helping kids with autism spectrum disorder and speech/hearing disorders. Created by a mom and dad of child struggling with autism in an effort to help others. Language Skill Builder is an app designed to help teach kids basic language skills: receptivity, comprehension, reading others' people intentions and word association. It's especially well-suited for those kids with developmental delays. The images presented within the app show real-life items, animals and places. They are simple, straightforward images for easy recognition. During the courses, Language Skill Builder also collects all the data on your child, allowing you to check and analyze graphs and reports of the progress in order to further improve your success with the child. You can track the improvement of the child's recognition accuracy over time, and identify problem areas. Every report can be viewed in the app as well as e-mailed to parent, teacher, or therapist. This app is designed to work great for therapists, as it allows tracking the progress of multiple pupils without disrupting one's data. - - - - - • It's the one and central hub for all your kid's language training - with a lot of different modules you have a lot of content in one single app! The modules that are included with the app purchase are: - Fact or Opinion - Child is presented with a sentence and needs to select if it's either a fact or opinion. - Facts Finding - Child is told to find a fact (or a subjective opinion) and is presented with 2 sentences. - Big or Little - Child is presented with 2 images of the same item - for example, a house. Needs to select the big one (or a little one). - Receptive Food - A number of food images is shown, child is asked to find a specific one (i.e. select seafood among other foods). - Receptive Food (class) - A number of different images are shown, one of them is a food item. The child is asked to select the food. - Receptive Animals and Receptive Animals (class) - Same as above... - Receptive Shapes - A number of different geometrical shapes are shown (rectangle, oval, triangle, etc). The child is asked to select one specific. - Receptive Colors - A number of single-color items are displayed in different colors. The child is asked to select the specific color among them. - Abstract Language: Proverbs - A specific situation is described, fitting one of commonly known proverbs. Then the child is asked to select the saying that fits this situation. **More modules are (and will be) available via in-app purchases: - Same or Different - Child is shown a large image of one item, below that there are several other images. He needs to select either the same image as above or the different one. - Advanced Fact or Opinion - More advanced option of the above. - Advanced Finding Facts - More advanced option of the above. - Receptive Letters - Child is presented with a number of different letters and needs to select one specific letter. - Receptive Numbers - Child is presented with a few different numbers and needs to select one specific.


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