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Disclaimer: The scores shown in the result sheet is not absolute value of LQ but based on relative scoring of thousands of samples. The chance of error ...

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Disclaimer: The scores shown in the result sheet is not absolute value of LQ but based on relative scoring of thousands of samples. The chance of error is as low as 2 to 5 % as we found from our extensive testing. The creator made every man very unique in his shape, character and skills. But you can guess and predict "he is a potential guy" or "she has the capability to manage this" just by looking at a person's face. This is because creator has certain pattern of face shape for certain skills or characters irrespective of the race. Facegenome put together traditional 'face reading' concepts to help business world and to the general public. Face reading is evolved through thousands of years starting from Aristotle time. This app measures Leadership Quotient (LQ) of a person based on scientific findings, traditional, Western, Indian and Chinese 'Face reading' concepts. A mathematical model is used to arrive a scoring in the scale of 0 through 100. You should be able to test this app against world leaders to understand the credibility of our scores. Two individuals who has same scores can have different success in life may be due to his willingness to apply his abilities or based on exposure he/she got. Please SWIPE LEFT to start. Please SWIPE through the pages and choose the closest answer to the questions. After answering all the questions, you will be presented with a score! Have fun and enjoy this App!" How to operate on this app It is as simple as SWIPE LEFT OR RIGHT and respond to the questions by taping the closest match you can think of. If you enjoy this app (we bet on this), you can share this app's download link to your friends and colleagues. Who knows? It could be a revelation of your hidden leadership skill! A word on scoring Leadership Quotient (LQ) score generated by this app is based on statistical study of thousands of people like business leaders, political leaders and middle level managers. Remember the Leadership Quotient score does not show the success levels of a person. It is very much possible to have same LQ score for US President and a school leader. It is about leadership potential of a person, than success. We expect this app would be a serious management tool and we are sure that you would find this as an interesting tool for finding leadership potential within yourself.


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Version: 1.1

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Developed by Jais Joy

Day of release: 2013-10-10

Recommended age: 4+

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