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Collecting client information | databasemarketing Want to know more about your clients? Leadstomore can help you with that. Leadstomore is an iPad app ...

Discontinued App


Collecting client information | databasemarketing Want to know more about your clients? Leadstomore can help you with that. Leadstomore is an iPad app that lets you quickly and simply collect and edit relevant information about yourpresent and potential clients. This app can have many usages and is fully customizable. With Leadstomore you can quickly build your own client database. At a fair, in the showroom or when visiting your client. The information from the database can later be easily exported (as an Excel file). This app is a ‘must’ for every entrepreneur and marketer and the ultimate tool for database marketing! Applicability of Leadstomore This app is extremely versatile and it offers you the possibility to replace every paper form with a digital one. Leadstomore can be used among others: • as a digital questionnaire / form • as a customer satisfaction survey • as an evaluation form • as an intake form • as an admission form • as an evaluation form • as an acceptance of work form • as a claim form • for compiling of a client database • for sign-on campaigns • as a visitor registration form (e.g. at a fair) • as a conversation report form (e.g. for external employees) How does Leadstomore work? With the help of Leadstomore you can easily create every form you need. This appcan be fully adjusted and organized exactly to your needs. It is completely customizable and you can evenfeature it with your own logo and the house style colours. Besides that, when using it on an iPad you can easily add photos. When the app is used e.g. as a form for a new order or task, a client can directlyupload his/her signature via a photo field. InLeadstomoreyou can create as many different forms as you need. This app can thus be used for multiple purposes. The app in combination with iPad can also be excellently used as aninformation desk. Thanks to the high attention value,you can easily collect the information of your client. For example, in a showroom where clients can leave their personal information even without any help of an employee. The information which mightlaterbe useful for you! Thisapp also lets youimmediatelysend a confirmation email to a potential client. Besides that, you can directly create a link to the most important social media. The collected data can be obtained in a form of an Excel file and later be used for different purposes. The extensive version of the app offers even graphic applications as features. Advantages of Leadstomore •Automatic building of a digital (client)database on aniPad •Direct insight into the collected information. The app gives right away graphic reproduction of the obtained results (circle diagrams, histograms, graphs) •The collected data can be read in every CRM system in a form of an Excel file •It can be fully personalized (logo, house style colours) •You can add your own texts and pictures •It is possible to create several formsfor gathering information •It is possibleto add photos to forms •You canautomatically arrange your social media. Gainingnew followers and likes happens completely automatically. For whom might Leadstomorebe interesting? Thanks to its versatility Leadstomoremight beinteresting for every SME entrepreneur who wants to know more about present and prospective clients. The app is suitable for all possible branches. For example,forhoreca(to ask clients for feedback or reviews) or for different installation companies (as an acceptance of work form), for every external employee (to create a conversation reportform)as well as in showrooms (to let clients participate in a survey without help of an employee). More information For more information and for extra services see www.leadstomore.com


Technical specifications

Version: 1.5.0

Size: 2.95 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by LeadsToMore B.V.

Day of release: 2012-07-26

Recommended age: 4+

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