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An App for the Lean Banking practitioners The Lean in Finance Calculator is a combination of different Lean and Six Sigma tools: The Takt Time Calculator ...

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An App for the Lean Banking practitioners The Lean in Finance Calculator is a combination of different Lean and Six Sigma tools: The Takt Time Calculator is the part designed to be used as a tool for professional process analysts familiar with the principles of Lean Banking Methodology. This simple to operate calculator can help anyone to determine how many items need to be completed at regular intervals in order to meet the customer need (Peace Time). The Takt Time Calculator will aid computing operational Takt Times, the rightsizing calculation (FTE’s) for your target process organization, and the graphics will show you situation you are facing and will give you help to find area of improvements. The purposes of these pages is to familiarize you with Lean Concepts. 
The Sigma Level Calculator for Variable data and Attribute data This parte is designed to be used to calculate the sigma level of any processes with 2 special sigma-level calculators, one for variable data and one in case of attribute data. In addition you can evaluate your Process Efficiency (FTY). For more detailed instruction regarding Lean Banking Methodology as well as Lean Manufacturing or Service, please review the Author links page. ABOUT THE AUTHOR The Lean in Finance calculator is developed by Alessandro Morelli an experienced Lean Six Sigma professional who has been deploying the methodology for more than 16 years in the financial services industry, providing strategic quality planning, training and project facilitation to management, black belts and green belts from general banking, insurance and technology operations across Europe and USA. The Lean in Finance calculator is the iPhone and Ipad application that allows you to evaluate your service or manufacturing processes on the shop floor. 
Alessandro Morelli is the Italy SSA&Company Director, the Leading Company funded from Six Sigma inventors, and Author of the book : Lean Banking. Un’applicazione del Lean Six Sigma nel mondo finanziario con esempi pratici (Lean Banking. How to apply Lean Six Sigma in financial services industry, with practical examples) Alessandro Morelli
 - SSA&Company (http://www.ssaandco.com/italy) Editore: Gruppo 24 Ore Alessandro Morelli in this book explain how Six Sigma and Lean Methodology for cost reduction, process simplification and risk mitigation can be calibrated and customized for Banking and Financial Institute, becoming Lean Banking. In this book You can find all the information's and explore in detail how this fantastic Lean in Finance Calculator can help you to drive your process improvement initiatives. Book link: http://www.shopping24.ilsole24ore.com/sh4/catalog/Product.jsp?PRODID=prod1150104 Lean In Finance Association link: http://blog.leaninfinance.com Author link: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/alessandro-morelli/14/b45/9b3 This useful tool is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, and iOS 5.


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