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Learn ABCs: Prepare your kids for a better tomorrow. Make them move one step ahead with the new application named “Learn ABCs”. This is an application ...

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Learn ABCs: Prepare your kids for a better tomorrow. Make them move one step ahead with the new application named “Learn ABCs”. This is an application where your kid can learn to recognize and pronounce English alphabets. This is an educational app for making your kid learn ABC in a very easy way. This app is primarily aimed at kids between the age group of 2 to 5. This App will be valuable for Kinder and Prep kids. You will find four different tabs that are different from each other but have a single objective. Moving step by step to these tabs will help your kid learn ABC in a systematic way. Tab1: ABC Sound When you will tap this tab, you will see a complete chart of twenty six alphabets from A to Z. Pressing each alphabet will pronounce the specific alphabet to make your kid learn how to pronounce the alphabet. This will help in building strong pronouncing skill of your child. Tab2: Learn ABC When you tap on this particular tab, you will see a single alphabet in its capital form as well as in its lower case form. When you move further into this it will give you an example of a thing that starts with that particular alphabet. For e.g. When you tap the tab, the first letter you will see is “A” and “a” on the same chart and when you tap further it will show you an Apple making it clear to your kid that Apple starts with the letter “A”. Tab3: Fill in the missing This is a kind of a small quiz where you will see a panel of three consecutive alphabets with one missing. Right below the panel you will see three options out of which one alphabet is the correct answer of the above given series. This will make your kid more competitive and will help him/her to build a strong command over alphabets. Tab4: Quiz This is going to be a real quiz for your child. As this is the fourth and the last tab, the difficulty level is a bit high. This is like match the correct one type. Here you will find four different pictures and an alphabet in the center of those pictures. You have to select the picture in which the image starts with that particular alphabet lying in the center. The application is provided with an interactive sound and eye-catching graphics to make it an interesting play for your kids. Make your kids frame a strong grip over the English alphabets with this fun application.


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