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This app contains around 10,000 most practical and authentic audio sentences that are widely used in the daily communication in China. This is an amazing ...

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This app contains around 10,000 most practical and authentic audio sentences that are widely used in the daily communication in China. This is an amazing sounds library. It will help you to speak Chinese right away, help you to learn Chinese efficiently! This app will save much of your learning time to became a sophisticated Chinese speaker. So many people purchased the full version of this great APP. ======= Customer Reviews ======= I don't do reviews... by Oraiatoxotis - Version 2.0 - Oct 31, 2013 But this app is freaking fantastic! If you're learning mandarin, this'll definitely help out a lot! I do gotta say the organization in it could be better...but the content is couldn't be. --------------------------------------------- Superior app, very useful by r b w - Version 2.0 - Jul 1, 2013 (US -full version) I couldn't possibly give this app less than 5 stars! It is outstanding! These sentences are not your usual sentences graded by difficulty. They are the most useful sentences, and most useful mix of categories. The native speaker audio is indispensable, and spoken both at speed AND slowly. The word by word explanation is also very valuable. A suggestion: The text is just too small. it would be a big improvement if it were larger. Thanks for a great app! ------------------------------- Great stuff by Dougie doug doug - Version 2.0 - Aug 30, 2013 (AU - full version) Wish I found this when I first started learning mandarin. Would have saved a lot of time. Very useful. Really useful. --------------------------------- Very useful app by Ali-Troy - Version 2.0 - Sep 20, 2013 (AU - free version) I have tried a number of learning Chinese apps and this is absolutely the best! The pinyin is very helpful for learning as is the explanation of each individual character in the sentence. My Chinese teacher was impressed when I surprised her with a few of the sentences that I learnt. Thank you, great app! ========= reported by ========== An outstanding App for learn Chinese. by http://tii.libsyn.com/ (Episode 280) Including: 1. Standard pronunciation of pinyin. 2. The Pinyin chart of Chinese characters, where you can find standard pronunciation for each character. 3. Standard pronunciation of numbers. 4. Chinese relative’s appellation terms. 5. Standard pronunciation of Chinese food. 6. The idioms that are most commonly used by Chinese. 7. Standard pronunciation of Chinese traditional festivals. 8. Expressions in dating. 9. Expressions in Meeting and farewell 10. Expressions in Reminders and suggestions. 11. Expressions in Happiness. 12. Expressions in Angry. 13. Expressions in Sadness. 14. Expressions when feeling Doubtful. 15. Expressions when feeling embarrassed. 16. Expressions in Like and dislike. 17. Expressions when feeling Shy 18. Expressions when Surprised 19. Expressions applied in Shopping 20. Expressions applied in Dinner 21. Expressions in applied in travelling 22. Expressions applied in Business letter etc... This is a widely acclaimed software. (or this is a very welcomed and populated software). Sentences categorized by occasions and functional classification that provides convenience for users to find. Title sentences are with a variety of expressions that facilitate the proper use of. Both normal and slow reading rate of (speech) audio with authentic pronunciation are available. The theme statement with nearly antisense expression and antisense sentence; The sentences in this dictionary contains concise, native expression. Users can grasp native expression in Chinese. We believe this software and (or) voice-dictionary covers China's most vivid expression. Whether you're sightseeing, travelling, studying or communicating with Chinese, we hope it will become your indispensable assistant in all aspects. Word explanation is based on the dictionary data of CC-CEDICT.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.3

Size: 156.94 MB


Price: 8,33 €

Developed by Peng Ren

Day of release: 2013-01-3

Recommended age: 4+

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