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HeInput (Chinese Study and Input) (汉字字形学习与输入) HeChinese Series: 1. HeCharacter (On AppStore); 2. HeInput (This Application); 3. HeBook1 (On AppStore);  4. ...

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HeInput (Chinese Study and Input) (汉字字形学习与输入) HeChinese Series: 1. HeCharacter (On AppStore); 2. HeInput (This Application); 3. HeBook1 (On AppStore);  4. HeBook2 (On AppStore).  This is the best way to learn and type (Input) Chinese characters and words. After installation, take steps of Settings-->General-->Keyboard-->Add New Keyboard...-->Select THIRD-PARTY KEYBOARDS: iHeInput, this will set HeInput as iOS 8 system input method. Then you can use HeInput system input method to do study and practice of this application. This application provide a easy and fast way to learn Chinese writing and typing. If you feel difficult to start with, you may need try HeCharacter (on AppStore) first. More study material and software are available on www.HeZi.net. HeInput uses step-by-step easy going approach for self-training, it provides thoughtful instructions, explanation, prompts, and card and text practice modes. Phrase coding practice and article type practice are the last part of the self-training procedure. HeInput as a study method can help to learn Chinese words quickly and effectively. Intended teenagers can master HeInput in 3 hours, and then can analysis, decompose and type all Chinese words. HeInput application is suitable for all Chinese learners and users. HeInput application is adapted to both Simplified and Traditional Chinese, HeInput is widely used for study and typing Chinese. HeInput input method can type 21,003 words(only 3,500 words are daily used), 180,000 Phrases, has rich features such as code prompt, PinYin prompt, search words and code by PinYin, linked typing, adding personal phrases, etc. HeInput also using 26 numbers(formed with 1-6 six digitals) to encode 26 English characters, HeInput application provide training and function for English typing.


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