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A Proven, Highly Reputable Method For Learning Mandarin Chinese: · Retain vocabulary, master pronunciation and learn grammar · Ideal ...

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A Proven, Highly Reputable Method For Learning Mandarin Chinese: · Retain vocabulary, master pronunciation and learn grammar · Ideal for serious language students · Full Chinese Foreign Service Institute Levels (FSI) · Start with five FREE Mandarin Chinese lessons · Each additional Chinese lesson is about 30 minutes long · Each purchased lesson takes up only 4 - 8 MB · Full website with additional information and support available · No registration required · No games, pictures or gimmicks Learn Chinese Through: · Guided Imitation · Pronunciation Drills · Basic Language Dialogs · Language Pattern Drills and Grammar · Method Used By Foreign Diplomats How It Works: · Listen to the audio · See the corresponding text in pinyin and Chinese characters · Repeat out loud what you hear · Choose to listen continuously or to move forward manually · Easily replay audio as many times as necessary to master pronunciation Learn Mandarin Chinese Through Guided Imitation The main method for teaching used by Loquella and the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) is called "guided imitation". If you listen to the way you speak your native language, you will notice that you do not use the exact same variation of common phrases in every context. Instead, you change your way of speaking to adjust to each individual situation. Therefore, this language course is designed to help you master the foreign language in most situations that you could run into in daily life in a new country. Learn Chinese Pronunciation The Foreign Service Institute method focuses heavily on teaching proper pronunciation. We focus the first language lessons in each level on pronunciation due to the importance that correct pronunciation will have on your ability to master the new language. Learn Basic Chinese Language Dialogs The basic dialogs are the core of each language lesson. These dialogs are re-creations of the real situations a language student is most likely to encounter, and the vocabulary and sentences are those he or she is most likely to need. In the first language lessons, new vocabulary is introduced mainly in the basic dialogs. Sometimes, in the illustrations of grammar points, new words are introduced in order to fill out patterns needed to do the exercises. Each new word will reappear many times later in the language course to help you associate each word in many different contexts. Language Pattern Drills and Grammar The basic Chinese dialogs are the theme throughout the language course, and the Chinese language drills are the variations of those dialogs. Patterns of basic dialogs are expanded and changed in the drills. Pattern drills are designed to allow you to practice the sentences and phrases you have learned, and the grammar tips are there to provide further explanation. At the beginning of each drill you will be given a basic sentence or dialog, then various kinds of drills that offer variations of those basic sentences and dialogs.


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