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Stop mugging up Mandarin Chinese. Master the concepts and learning Mandarin Chinese will become an experience you`d love! We are the only app ...

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Stop mugging up Mandarin Chinese. Master the concepts and learning Mandarin Chinese will become an experience you’d love! We are the only app that explains you the logic behind Chinese conversations. More than 300,000 learners have loved our audio-visual lessons across the globe! Before you wonder if we are just another Mandarin Chinese App - No, we won't give you mindless flash-cards - No, we won't make you mug words up in a way that you can never have your own conversation! We want you to converse in Mandarin Chinese, not become a phrasebook! :) What we WILL give you is this: -> 30 Awesome audio-visual lessons - Easy to understand, expert narrated, hand-curated lessons with conversations, essential phrases & vocabulary -> Logical structure - Each concept is simplified and explained in the most intuitive manner to avoid any forced memorization -> Grammar essentials - With examples applied in real life context -> Interactive practice - Helps you master your lessons and gives you immediate feedback Here’s why our learners love us and what they say about us: “I have been looking for one good source to learn Mandarin for a while, and CultureAlley is the best one. Thank you for making it. It is awesome! Greetings from Bosnia.” - Emir Slatina “Like the Mandarin taught on this website. It is easy to understand and I can learn at my own pace.” - Jason “Really getting excited about this. Happy that I can repeat concepts that I haven't understood well and it's truly a bonus that I can learn at my own pace. Glad for the audio and all the grammar tips. Looking forward to my next lesson” - Ruth “Thank you so much for such pleasant lessons, I am new in beijing and your lessons are a big help. I study with these every day. thank you!” - Louizazorba More than 300,000 people across the globe love us! Join the revolution! Your Mandarin Chinese voyage has three pit stops: -> LEG 1: SAY HELLO TO CHINESE (Lessons 1-10) The first leg of the voyage will get you rocking on the most essential conversations in Mandarin Chinese. You will learn the basics of tones in Mandarin. You will be able to greet new people, introduce yourself, ask for introductions, make new friends, talk about your family, profession, and more! -> LEG 2: MASTER THE ESSENTIALS! (Lessons 11-20) As you build upon what you went through in Leg 1, Leg 2 gets more exciting! It helps you step into mastering some difficult conversations. This part covers some must-learn Mandarin Chinese concepts like numbers, currencies, measure words, asking & telling time, and more. You will also learn how to discuss occupations, and how to overcome language difficulties at a new place -> LEG 3: JET SET GO (Lessons 21-30) Leg 3 gets you all set to have advanced conversations. Master advanced conversations to help you travel to China/ Taiwan/ Hong Kong, eat out in a Chinese speaking country, describe people, discuss hobbies, talk about movies, pets, and more! It also gives you a dose of some essential grammar to help you frame your own conversations! So what are you waiting for? Kick-off your Mandarin Chinese voyage, today! See you at the Alley!


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