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Learn Colors with Zootty-Snootty

This is the first game from our early development series. It is intended for home schooling. It`s aim is to develop one of the toddler`s ...

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This is the first game from our early development series. It is intended for home schooling. It’s aim is to develop one of the toddler’s first necessities - to learn colors. We developed it from our own experience and our kids needs and interests, trying to make this game helpful and exciting in the same time. Of course, it is built on pedagogic methods of baby learning and is also helpful for kids when studying English as foreign language. The game is designed for toddlers from 1 to 3 years in purpose of helping them start communicating and learn basics. This particularly one is about discovering and memorizing colors, but the others are about to come. Here, the baby meets a cute character named Zootty-Snootty, who asks for some help. Together they proceed through the game and return colors to the kids room that happened to become sad and grey. By clicking a dull grey sector of an object the little gamer changes it into a bright colorful sector and hears the name of the color. The game motivates self-estimation growth from the target achieved, team spirit from cooperation with the game character and introduces information inside the game in a light and effortless way. It is more like a fairy tale than a class lesson. Real fun, the toddler asks for more experience of the kind, and we promise you it will follow soon. Background sounds, names of the colors and the main character speech are all toddler-friendly and were chosen to make your toddler’s first learning experience a real pleasure. You can also turn all sounds off and just have wonderful time communicating with your baby and pronouncing colors names by yourself, a great mean to stay together and enjoy being close by!


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Version: 1.1

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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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