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Learn Danish with this comprehensive and intuitive language course, designed especially for iPad. Follow Lisa and Martin as they travel to Denmark to ...

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Learn Danish with this comprehensive and intuitive language course, designed especially for iPad. Follow Lisa and Martin as they travel to Denmark to meet their friends Erik and Lotte, and learn more about the Danish language and culture. The course is ideal for beginners and can be used for classroom-based learning and/or for self-study. The app contains everything you need to start learning Danish. It is suitable for general education, travel or work and is ideal for learning 'on the go' or as a reference guide in Denmark. * F e a t u r e s: - Full audio dialogues covering everyday situations with role play exercises and voice recording - Vocabulary practice with extensive exercises - Hundreds of stimulating activities to actively practise listening, writing and speaking - Rich audio-visual presentations to help you become more creative with your language - Grammar presentations that help you understand how the language works - Cultural notes about Denmark, the people and their culture * B e n e f i t s: - Guides learners to a recognised European standard: Level A1 of the CEF. - Attractive and easy-to-use interface with clear navigation and tasks always explain what you need to do. - Sound pedagogical approach takes you 'by the hand' and guides you carefully through a motivating learning experience. - Suitable for classroom use; complements existing learning resources and current curricula demands - Completely self-contained and, therefore, ideal for self-study. No further resources, books or software are needed. This app isn't filled with endless words and grammar rules; nor is there any pointless clicking! You will be encouraged to explore and THINK. * S y l l a b u s & s t r u c t u r e: 1. Arrival (Typical module structure): - Dialogue 1: At the airport - Working with words 1: People - Dialogue 2: Please come in! - Working with words 2: Family - Language note: Pronouncing Danish words - Language activities - Cultural note: Greetings and introductions 2. Visiting Friends 3. In a cafe 4. At the tourist information centre 5. A day in town 6. Time to leave 7. At a hotel 8. Eating out 9. Credits * S u m m a r y Eight full units. 56 modules. 400 steps of content. This equates to over 6 months standard classroom tuition in an adult education centre. A comprehensive and refreshing way to learn Danish! Give it a go!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.3

Size: 44.99 MB


Price: 12,70 €

Developed by Pendragon Educational Publishers Ltd

Day of release: 2013-01-4

Recommended age: 4+

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