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Speak Dutch – A Day At The Beach A day at the beach can be so much fun – and that is what this Learn to Speak Dutch application is all about! This ...

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Speak Dutch - A Day At The Beach A day at the beach can be so much fun - and that is what this Learn to Speak Dutch application is all about! This is a classic “Dutch Learning” application that utilizes magical “Dutch Speaking Flashcards” that will show a great image and speak the associated word clearly in Dutch when the word is pressed. This app will help children learn and recognize their early Dutch words and also teach them how to read, spell and how to improve their Dutch speech. This is a collection of 63 Flashcards that have easily recognised items you will see at the beach - such as Sun, Sea and Sand - just press the word to magically hear it spoken in Dutch. The kids can swipe forward and backwards and choose their favourite words to look at and hear. This app is particularly useful for youngsters who are behind in their speech and need encouragement to speak clearly. The user will instantly recognise what the word is and can be encouraged to mimic the spoken word. Words included in this “Speak Dutch - At The Beach" learning app are (In English); Airbed Armbands Ball Banana Boat Blanket Boat Bodyboard Bucket Camera Coastguard Crab Cricket Bat Deckchair Dog Drink Family Fish Fishing Flip Flops Frisbee Goggles Ice Cream Ice Cream Van Jellyfish Jet Ski Kiosk Kite Lifeboat Lifeguard Lolly Mask Metal Detector Parascending Picnic Rubber Ring Running Sailing Sand Sandcastle Sandwich Scuba Diving Sea Seaweed Shell Snorkel Spade Speed Boat Stones Sun Sun Cream Sun Lounger Sunbathing Sunglasses Sunhat Surfboard Swimming Swimsuit Volleyball Walking Water Ski Wind Windbreak Windmill Words included in this “At The Beach" learning app are (In Dutch); Luchtbed Armbanden Bal Banana boat Deken Boot Bodyboard Emmer Camera Kustwacht Krab Cricket bat Deckchair Hond Drinken Familie Vis Vissen Flip flops Frisbee Stofbril Ijs Ice cream van Kwal Jet ski Kiosk Vlieger Reddingsboot Badmeester Lolly Masker Metal detector Parascending Picknick Rubber ring Running Zeilen Zand Zandkasteel Sandwich Scubaduiken Zee Zeewier Schelp Snorkel Spade Raceboot Stones Zon Sun cream Ligstoel Zonnebaden Zonnebril Zonnehoed Surfboard Zwemmen Zwempak Volleybal Wandelen Water ski Wind Windscherm Windmolen


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