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Learn How to Dance Salsa

"Learn to Dance Salsa" is the best video tutorial app you have ever seen on a mobile device. This app has been built for the improving dancers who want ...

Discontinued App


"Learn to Dance Salsa" is the best video tutorial app you have ever seen on a mobile device. This app has been built for the improving dancers who want to master their SALSA moves. The app has been designed for iPad and iPhone, you can view the lessons wherever you are. Regardless of the version of your device, the app will display HD quality video with detailed explanations for each lesson. Main features: - Browse quickly through the lessons with the help of a great interface - LOOP any part of a video so you can endlessly repeat a fragment from a particular lesson Lessons: - There are a total of 56 videos, 2 hours and 25 minutes of uninterrupted lessons - 10 lessons are FREE, all the other videos can be purchased for only $9.99 Categories: Beginners This category is for absolute beginners. It is for everyone who is new to this phenomenon and would like to learn how to dance Salsa. You will learn salsa techniques, partnering and salsa single and half turn patterns. Footwork/ Shines Freestyle footwork shines are the best way to build your timing and co-ordination without having to think about leading or following with your partner. Shines help you to develop your style and create your character on the dancefloor. Improvers These classes are intended for those who already know the basics or finished the Beginners chapter. After learning how to move without stepping on each other's feet, here you will learn basic patterns and variations. Intermediate In this chapter we will pay more attention on timing, leading & following, variations of the fundamentals, positioning, spinning and Shines. Also you will learn more complex moves and combinations to play with on the dance floor. This level is suitable for dancers who completed the improvers chapter. Advanced Intermediate This is a new level which builds on Intermediate. In this chapter we placed more emphasis on variations, spinning, more advanced turn patterns, positioning, body isolation. You will learn more complex moves and combinations. Advanced In this chapter you will learn beautiful dance patterns at an advanced level. You will aquire the knowledge for good leading techniques and how to make easy-to-perform turns and spins. We work on more complex turnpatterns and techniques and work on getting a better flow, styling and personality into your dance. Get started quickly: - choose any of the lessons and start improving your skills immediately - watch the detailed camera views of the teachers, showing you exactly how the dance moves should be performed - loop any part of a lesson


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