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Unlocked function in this version - Addition All Functions can be unlocked from within the App! -------------------------------------- I have a set ...

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Unlocked function in this version - Addition All Functions can be unlocked from within the App! -------------------------------------- I have a set of 9-year old twins who are constantly swayed off from learning to always playing. One day my kids asked me to help them memorize their multiplication table. In order to make it fun, we turned this study session into a game. My kids would stand about 10 feet away from me and I would hold up a flash card and who ever answers the correct answer will take a small step towards me. The first one to reach and touch me wins! This turned out to be alot of fun and kept their studying more interesting, challenging and competitive. Simple? Yes! Fun? Yes! Flashcards? Yes--only for a short while! This is where the idea of this app came about. The flash cards were fine but it was very limitting. I find myself having to sort through it every time to arrange the difficulty. I also had to have multiple stacks for each mathematical functions. Carrying it around is really burdensome (Doctor's appointment, waiting for Mom at choir practice, shopping, etc...). To make life simpler I decided to put together this app which makes everything portable, always available, multiple levels of difficulty, and a great way to learn while having fun! There were tons of Flash Cards app on the AppStore, why add another one? The answer was simple, "None of them met the needs for my kids!" Even though this was intentionally built for my 4th grade kids, it will also help adults who wants to sharpen their mathematical skills. Believe me! I will be the first to tell you that math is very important! It is my weakest subject growing up and being in the computer field, I wished math is one subject I should have paid more attention to growing up. But my mistakes are my Children's gain. Having this app not only make them sharper in math but making learning fun keeps their interest up. As parents we know how they can easily loose interest. Here are some features of this app: → Addition (Full version includes Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division) → Difficulty settings for all age levels → Change font style → Change background → Retina graphics → Catchy menu music → Timer mode - Set the timer mode to automatically reveal the score. → Instant help → Tested with kids (my kids!) → Designed for children between ages 5-10 (useful for adults and senior citizens too!) Hope you and your kids like this app as I did making it and using it for my kids! ★★★★★ Please rate and provide feedback for constant improvement of this app. Thanks!


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Version: 1.02

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Day of release: 2011-12-16

Recommended age: 4+

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