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Learn Microsoft Excel 2013 Quickly And Easily

Gain the skills necessary to use custom functions, create informative spreadsheets, and much more with Learning Excel 2013! - Universal App! Learn on ...

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Gain the skills necessary to use custom functions, create informative spreadsheets, and much more with Learning Excel 2013! - Universal App! Learn on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch - Built specifically for iOS devices with AirPlay enabled. - Over 7 hours of content. - 106 individual lessons. - Professionally edited and produced. - Lessons taught by software expert Guy Vaccaro. - Free working files to ensure successful learning. In this training course for Microsoft Excel 2013, veteran trainer Guy Vaccaro takes you through the basics of the worlds most popular spreadsheet software. Excel can be a complex and confusing program to use, but Guy breaks it down into bite-sized pieces and teaches it in plain English. No prior experience in Excel or spreadsheets is required to get the most out of this Excel beginners video training. You will start with the absolute basics, creating and saving a new workbook. Guy proceeds step by step through the process of entering data in cells, doing basic math, formatting your worksheets, setting up pages for printing and applying basic mathematical formulas. Once you are comfortable with the basics, you will move on to more advance formatting with themes, using Excel provided templates, adding graphics and charts, and using Excel as a database. You finish off with advanced formulas, and applying conditional formatting to your worksheet. By utilizing short 3-5 minute tutorial videos, Learning Excel 2013 allows you to work at your own pace. Whether you're ready to dive right in from the beginning, or you're a more casual student looking for a few key pointers on charts, or accessing advanced formulas, Learning Excel 2013 is right for you. Verify your work with the included working files and templates, and work along with Guy Vaccaro step by step. Just install Learning Excel 2013 on your iOS device and start on your way to becoming proficient and productive within hours. Features: * AirPlay enabled, allowing you to view your tutorial videos on your television. * Includes working files you can download to your computer and use in Excel as you watch the training on your iOS device - freeing up your monitor space for the software. * 106 individual tutorial videos broken into comprehensive chapters and movies - 7.75 total hours. * Go from video to video in order, or skip around; you're in complete control. * 1X, 2X and 4X speeds allow you to learn at your own optimum speed. * Resume play lets you stop your training at anytime and pick it back up right where you left off, minimizing lost time skimming through videos to find your spot. * Streaming video, which allows you to keep your iOS device memory free for other important data. Learning Excel 2013 is taught by Guy Vaccaro, a seasoned software educator with over fifteen years of training experience. Guy has a great deal of experience in office and productivity software as well as database design, allowing him to build both data-driven websites and standalone applications. He specializes in helping new users break through common stumbling blocks and guiding more experienced users to reach their full potential. With Infinite Skills, Guy Vaccaro has created popular training courses on the Microsoft Office Suite, Crystal Reports, and more! Watch FREE demo videos, or get more information on this course at: http://www.infiniteskills.com/excel2013 You can also download our FREE Infinite Skills iPad app and watch free samples of all of the following Infinite Skills professional training courses: http://www.infiniteskills.com/ipadplayer Infinite Skills training videos are streamed to the iOS device on-demand and are fully compatible with WiFi and 3G connections.


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Recommended age: 4+

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