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1/2 OFF SALE THIS WEEKEND!! Help your preschoolers learn to spell their name. Add 4 custom names or words. (click arrows to edit) 100 Key words for ...

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1/2 OFF SALE THIS WEEKEND!! Help your preschoolers learn to spell their name. Add 4 custom names or words. (click arrows to edit) 100 Key words for preschool or kindergarten children to learn to read based on Early Reading Research at Warwick University Learn the A to Z Alphabet. Learning modality of I say, You say, I say combined with the physical interaction with the letters is designed to motivate, entertain, and engage. The 100 words and Letters are all spoken by a child to help engage your child. It's fun for children and adults to fling the Letter Kids all around the screen Learn My Name is a silly, cute, & rewarding teaching tool for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners. I made this game to help my daughter and son learn to spell their names and recognize them in print. The cute kids bounce around the screen and you can fling them into each other. When you touch them you will hear the letter they represent. Drag them to the floating letter to match them up & get them to dance. We have an ABCs mode to practice letters. The Learn Words mode features 100 special key words, these words represent over 50% of the words found in both children's and adult literature. Based on the Early Reading Research work of Dr. Jonathan Solity & Janet Vousden At Warwick University these 100 words cover 61 phonic skills and enable children to read faster and in a more self directed fashion. Apps that feature the common C is for Cat and A is for Apple help with recognition of Cats and Apples however we don't feel that it helps them learn to read. These words help your child learn to read. Our four year old son Elijah, who has been fighting cancer for over a year, is the voice in the game and will teach you letters and words. As a big brother we try to engage him in helping to teach his little sister Aliyah. In working with other kids trying out the app we have found they respond very well to learning from another child's voice. Learn My Name features an all original music score written just for this app by gold record selling composer Jeff Sullivan. It's lovely music and designed to not drive parents crazy when they hear it a lot. We are parents too. Adressed Feedback from comments, updated instructions above on how to edit the names, you can edit all 4 by clicking the yellow arrow to the right of the names. Comments: 5 Star - Perfect learning tool for kids! You can teach kids how to spell their names and any other words. Very cute! 5 Star - An incredible app!! Well done!!!!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 6.89 MB


Price: 1,81 €

Developed by Brad Herman

Day of release: 2012-03-9

Recommended age: 4+

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