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For less than the price of a beer (in Oslo) you can master Norwegian and improve your vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension with this Learn ...

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For less than the price of a beer (in Oslo) you can master Norwegian and improve your vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension with this Learn Norwegian app. This is an exciting new app-experience which will teach you Norwegian expressions, verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, slang, prepositions and their associated grammar forms (where applicable) all spoken by a native Norwegian speaker from Oslo. I have studied Norwegian for a few years and tried other methods online and offline and found that a combination of fun expressions, grammar points and hearing a native speaker from Oslo is what helped me get closer to full fluency, which is why I developed this program to help you. In this app you will get 15 Norwegian words and phrases delivered daily from a list of 1000+ commonly used words and phrases which I have catalogued during my first years of learning Norwegian. One of the most powerful and unique benefits of this app is it will enable you to express yourself in true Norwegian style, using Norwegian expressions. For example did you know that “det er bare blåbær!” means “it’s easy peasy!” or “som to dråper vann” means “like two peas in a pod”? If not, then you will learn these and more with this app. These expressions are fun and will allow you to express yourself like most Norwegians do and cannot be found in a dictionary. Did I mention that I will be continually adding new words and phrases? Download Learn Norwegian with The Oslo Eye now and start learning today! Features: -15 Norwegian words or phrases (Bokmål) delivered daily (nouns - including gender, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, expressions and slang) -Access to 500+ definitions for some of the hardest to define pure Norwegian expressions -Gorgeous looking flash cards that have great usability to view definitions -Native Oslo pronunciation of each word or phrase -Ability to save your favourite words or phrases to your Word Bank for offline use -Ability to be quizzed on the words or phrases daily -Ability to see grammar form for each verb, noun or adjective -I will personally be adding Norwegian words and phrases on a continual basis that are common in everyday Norwegian Benefits: -Dramatically improved reading fluency -Improved listening comprehension from an easy to understand Norwegian speaker from Oslo -Master difficult words by saving and reviewing them in your Word Bank -Enhanced memory retention through use of daily quizzes -Easily express yourself using a wide variety of verbs, adjectives and expressions -Amaze and impress your friends, co-workers, dates, family members when you use pure Norwegian expressions correctly in everyday situations


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