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Master 10 Portuguese (Brazilian) Words a Day = 3,650 Words a Year! What has MyWords for iPad empowered others just like you to do? Rapidly build your ...

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Master 10 Portuguese (Brazilian) Words a Day = 3,650 Words a Year! What has MyWords for iPad empowered others just like you to do? Rapidly build your vocabulary and perfect your pronunciation! MyWords for iPad is a completely new way to quickly learn and remember 10 vocabulary words a day. The fast pace at which you will master new words, with proper pronunciation, will absolutely amaze your friends, colleagues, teachers and family. What makes MyWords for iPad so effective? It's Fun, Easy to Use, and Daily - the 3 essential keys to learning fast. How does it work? In just 5 simple steps memorize and perfect the pronunciation of all 10 daily words: 1. Memorize all 10 words as each word appears side-by-side with its definition 2. Learn to pronounce each word as you listen again and again to a recording of a native speaker 3. Record and play back your own voice to compare your pronunciation to the native speaker's 4. Save words and their small audio file to your personal word bank for later offline study 5. Quiz yourself with a fun and easy to use matching game Repeat the process over and over everyday What! Just 10 words a day! What's the deal? Great question! We've been teaching languages for years, and 10 words a day is the perfect number as it won't overwhelm you. Remember, 10 new words a day adds up fast! But please, don't take our word for it. According to the experts, "A vocabulary of 3,000-4,000 words is enough for reading newspapers and magazines fluently." With MyWords for iPad you get 3650 words in the first year! That is A LOT of words! Your personalized Word Bank is going to fill fast! MyWords for iPad, and its accompanying lifetime subscription, turns your iPhone/iTouch into a powerful language learning tool that will teach you how to: -Memorize 10 words a day / 3,650 a year! -Master the pronunciation of any word -Significantly improve reading fluency as you see each word -Improve listening comprehension by listening to the pronunciation of each word -Master difficult words as you store and easily access them from your own personalized Word Bank -Challenge yourself with a Matching Quiz to boost retention With MyWords for iPad, you get all of these benefits, plus it's easy to use. Each day 10 new words are automatically downloaded when you connect to the internet. Fast, effective, and easy to use. Finally, each word is carefully selected by a team of experts to provide you with high frequency words that you're likely to use right away. MyWords for iPad FEATURES: -10 Word Daily: 10 essential words automatically updated daily. 3,650 words a year! -Word Review: Side-by-side list of all 10 words and their meanings -Listening Practice: Hear each word's proper pronunciation by a native speaker -Perfect your Pronunciation: Record and play back your voice to compare your pronunciation to the native speaker's -Personalized Word Bank: Save difficult or useful words, with their audio files, to review at any time even when you have no internet connection. -Matching Quiz: Test your knowledge by matching all the words to their meanings. -Access past word lists Keeping adding to your Word Bank to build a collection of thousands! Bonus Gift! Get instant access to a 50% OFF coupon valid on any Innovative Language Learning Website! Coupon Code can be found at the bottom of the About Us section of the MyWords for iPad application by clicking on the 'V' icon. Tags: Brazil, Portuguese (Brazilian), study Portuguese (Brazilian), studying Portuguese (Brazilian), learn Portuguese (Brazilian), learning Portuguese (Brazilian), speak Portuguese (Brazilian), speaking Portuguese (Brazilian), language, language learning, travel, vocabulary, vocabulary builder, building vocabulary


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 1.68 MB


Price: 8,92 €

Developed by Innovative Language Learning, LLC

Day of release: 2010-10-22

Recommended age: 4+

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