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Learn SAP is a SAP Essentials Foundation Course This introductory course is designed for those new to SAP and will teach you the skills you need to know ...

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Learn SAP is a SAP Essentials Foundation Course This introductory course is designed for those new to SAP and will teach you the skills you need to know to understand and use an SAP system. Course Overview: ------------------ After you have completed this course you will be comfortable working with the most commonly-used functions and features of SAP. You will learn all the fundamental skills needed to understand how an SAP systems work and become a real POWER-USER. The Training is broken down into 9 categories: - SAP Introduction - SAP Functionality - SAP Products - SAP System Basics - SAP Basics - Step By Step - Customising Your SAP - Interrogating The System - Reporting - Beyond The Basics In the course you will: - Learn the basics of the SAP system with clear video demonstrations - Learn how to navigate, search, and get help - Understand how to run reports and export the data to Microsoft Excel - You will get a thorough Overview of the various core modules in SAP - Learn how to customise the interface to your own liking - Work with master data and post transactions - Apply advanced tips such as Pre-Populating fields to save you time and effort with Parameter - ID’s - Work with report layouts and drill-down - Download SAP reports - Understand common icons in SAP - Work with multiple sessions - Customise your local layout and desktop shortcuts » HOURS OF VIDEO + AUDIO + PRESENTATIONS + TRANSCRIPTS + END OF COURSE QUIZ « The training explains SAP from the ground up starting with the absolute basics to ensure you have a thorough grasp of the how best to use SAP enterprise systems. The instructor slowly works you up through learning the key aspects of SAP systems introducing the Graphical User Interface and covers topics such as setting up favourite transactions, executing transaction code directly and saving your own screen layout for future use. This course not only gives you an a thorough insight into how the SAP work but is delivered in such a way that everyone who takes the course will have absolutely no problem in understanding all the topics discussed. This course makes it so easy to learn SAP, you will running transactions and analysing report data in no time. So not to bog you down with theory this course focuses on learning through a hands-on approach and is packed full of practical step by step examples so that you are using SAP from day one. Whether you are a new SAP user, Business Analyst, Project Manager or a C-Level executive, this SAP course is designed to be your guide and introduction to SAP systems.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0

Size: 314.13 MB


Price: 9,00 €

Developed by SAPPROUK Limited

Day of release: 2013-07-2

Recommended age: 4+

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