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- The original Learn To Talk was featured in App Store's What's Hot in and ranked #4 in Education - Universal app with high resolution full screen graphics ...

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- The original Learn To Talk was featured in App Store's What's Hot in and ranked #4 in Education - Universal app with high resolution full screen graphics on the iPad - Additional decks can be purchased from with the app to expand the available vocabulary. - Supports multiple languages, currently English and French. - Innovative voice recognition provides visual feedback Learn to Talk First Words contains 134 audio flash card to help early language development in 1 to 3 year-old children. It uses both sight and sounds to teach toddlers basic vocabulary and early language skills. The interactive, colorful flash cards engage and motivate toddlers to learn by themselves. Little ones simply swipe with their fingers across the screen to browse and hear cards without distractions. As she/he flips through the cards, your child listens to, repeats and learn the words and phrases. At home, in the car, on an airplane or in a grocery store, these unique flash cards keep your kids engaged, entertained and bring hours of enjoyment and educational benefits. And you will never have to sort a deck of flash cards again! And no more lost cards! This app is professionally designed to systematically enhance your child’s acquisition of language starting at the earliest level. Whether learning English as a first or second language it is designed for use with typically developing toddlers, dual language learners, and children with specific language impairments such as receptive or expressive language delays or autism spectrum disorder. Designed and tested by a nationally certified speech pathologist with over 30 years experience working with speech and language development, this program uses prompts similar to flash cards, but the words are written, spoken and illustrated to better facilitate organized modeling and development of vocabulary and early word combinations. As a parent, you can use this app to lead your child through the natural hierarchy of communicative intent, beginning with high impact words, expanding meaning by changing intonation of speech, adding vocabulary including objects, actors and actions, and then developing early syntax, simple combinations of words. As your child masters one and two word combinations, turn the sounds off and switch to Shuffle mode so that they can practice language production independently, relying on language processing and formulation skills. The 134 cards included with First Words cover the first stage of early language development. Specifically, this app contains the following categories and words: - High impact words all done bye come here fall down hi hug in kiss mine more and 9 more... - Objects and labels airplane apple ball balloon banana bed blocks boat book bowl and 34 more... - Actors baby bug cat caterpillar cow daddy dog friend frog me and 2 more... - One word actions bath bite build button catch cheer choose climb cook crawl and 35 more... - Two word actions blow bubbles blow nose blow out candles bounce a ball brush hair brush teeth daddy walk drink juice drink milk drink water and 34 more... Once your child masters the First Words cards, an additional are available as in-app purchase or as separate apps. This app also includes a sampler fo the first 25 words in French. Additional French words can are available as an in-app purchase.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.1

Size: 56.89 MB


Price: 1,83 €

Developed by Thunderloop

Day of release: 2012-01-31

Recommended age: 4+

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