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Watch Chinese words come to life with the tap of a finger as Miaomiao and her playful dog Doudou introduce kids to the rich language of Chinese through ...

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Watch Chinese words come to life with the tap of a finger as Miaomiao and her playful dog Doudou introduce kids to the rich language of Chinese through pictures, animation and fun interaction. “…I was completely enthralled with it… a great app for introducing your children to Chinese. The concrete animations and connections to real world objects and the Chinese language will help young learners remember these words.” - SARAH EMERLING, FUNEDUCATIONALAPPS.COM Features: • Learn to read and say 30 words in English and Chinese. • Kids learn meaning, written form and and pronunciation as Miaomiao and Doudou demonstrate each word in a playful way. • Learn to write 10 Chinese characters in fun tracing exercises that teach proper written stroke order. • Fun and interactive animated translations – tap a character to see it transform into an animation of what it describes. • Easy to navigate between words and select from different vocabulary categories; kids can explore and interact freely with words. • Promotes cognitive development through early language learning. • Fun with Miaomiao and Doudou (“Meow meow” and “Doh doh”) on every screen. • No in-app purchases or advertisements. Whether your child is enrolled in Mandarin classes or you’re simply looking for fun and entertaining ways to introduce a new language to your child’s early learning, Miaomiao has some educational fun for you. NEW APPROACH TO A TRADITIONAL TEACHING TECHNIQUE Much of the Chinese language is based on pictures, and much preschool learning is visual in nature. That’s a perfect combination to create a fun and engaging language learning experience for kids. Using the age-old technique of associating pictures with characters, we’ve added some interactive animation and cute tap-to-learn play sequences that kids want to see over and over. That easy repeatability is terrific to help kids retain the word’s they’re learning in the app. “The illustrations and animations are wonderful. The controls were very easy and intuitive. My toddler very easily navigated through the app. Chinese characters can be very complex, but this educational app does a wonderful job of introducing and teaching kids (and this adult) how to recognize and pronounce 30 Chinese characters.” -IHEARTTHISAPP.COM About: Mark Media is an exciting new film, television and digital media production company based in Toronto that combines culture and technology to create media properties that entertain, inspire and educate across platforms. With expertise in kids, factual, feature film and digital gaming, Mark produces culturally rich and engaging cross‐media content for global audiences of all ages. markmedia.co Watch, Play, Learn: meetmiaomiao.com Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest: @MiaomiaoLearn Privacy is very important to us, read our privacy policy here: meetmiaomiao.com/privacy-policy/ © 2013-2016 MARK MEDIA CORP.


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Day of release: 2013-11-6

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