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Learn and Play Recorder teaches beginners about the recorder, how to read music and how to play the soprano recorder. The app includes 38 songs from Just ...

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Learn and Play Recorder teaches beginners about the recorder, how to read music and how to play the soprano recorder. The app includes 38 songs from Just B to Camptown Races, all with a full performance track to play along with! This app is based on the Recorder Resource Kit by Denise Gagné, which has been used by hundreds of thousands of children in the USA and Canada to learn to play the recorder. All about the Recorder: Through visuals and narration, students will learn about different sizes of recorders, composers who wrote for the recorder, and how to begin playing the recorder. How to Care for the Recorder: Through photos and narration, students will learn how to care for and clean the recorder. How Notes are Named: Students will learn the names of the notes and where they are found on the musical staff Counting Music: This section introduces students to the note values that will be used in the songs they will learn to play. Let’s Begin: Students are taught how to tongue the notes, and how to blow the recorder with a beautiful sound. The first note B is introduced. Soprano Fingering: This is a reference section for students to use when they need to learn the fingering for a note. The Songs: There are 38 songs included in this App, all with performance tracks, and a recorder playing the melody. Students can listen to the performance and check that their own performance is accurate! The songs begin with Just B, Just A and then A and B. Songs are introduced in a careful sequence that takes students from playing just one note, to playing the entire C scale. The songs include themes of works by famous composers. Press the name of the composer to read about the composer. Hide the composer biographies when you are finished. Notes Used: 1. Just B B 2. Just A A 3. A and B Blues A B 4. Just G G 5. G and A Blues G A 6. Side Step G A B 7. Au clair de la lune G A B 8. Hot Cross Buns G A Btheme and variations 9. Starlight E G 10. Lucy Locket E G A 11. Kagome E G A B 12. BAGE Blues E G A B 13. Little Tommy Tiddlemouse E G A 14. Trampin’ G A Bpickup note 15. Doggie Doggie E G Aslur 16. Salish Hand Game G A Bslur 17. Skin and Bones E G A Bslur 18. Frog in the Middle D E G 19. Country Swing D E G A 20. Ho Ho Watanay E G A B 21. My Paddle E G A B 22. Rondo E G A Bcreate a B section 23. “C” you in Dixie C’ 24. Hush Little Baby G A B C’ 25. Sanctus G A B C’ Franz Schubert 26. Bouffons G A B C’ 27. C and D C’ D’ 28. Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring G A B C’ D’ Johann Sebastian Bach, whole rest 29. Ode to Joy G A B C’ D’ Ludwig van Beethoven 30. Renaissance Round G A B D’ 31. Closet Key F G A 32. From the New World F G A C’ Antonin Dvorak 33. Morning F G A C’ D’ Edvard Grieg 34. Good King Wenceslas G A B C’ D’ 35. Jingle Bells G A B C’ D’ staccato 36. Jolly Old St. Nicholas D E G A Bplaying in two parts 37. The C Scale C D E F G A B C’ If you have any questions about anything in the Learn and Play Recorder App, email denisegagne1@gmail.com.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 105.55 MB


Price: 3,56 €

Developed by Themes & Variations Inc

Day of release: 2012-08-1

Recommended age: 4+

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