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Take the ultimate trip around the world while engaging in brilliant, animated activities to test your knowledge of world country maps and statistics providing ...

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Take the ultimate trip around the world while engaging in brilliant, animated activities to test your knowledge of world country maps and statistics providing hours of education entertainment for kids to adults. Learn the World is a fun, new and creative app that will expand your understanding of World Geography through highly educational activities and continet fact exploration. Designed in a retro, throwback look and feel, Learn the World offers a comprehensive World Geography database that includes the following data sets: - Country Capitals - Country Currencies - World Continents - World Maps - History - Atlas - Cities Test your knowledge by taking multiple-choice quizzes, ultimately earning you points to collect unique Country Flags! Learn the World offers 5 interactive activities to learn and enhance your geographic knowledge: 1. MAP LEARN This activity is a great starting place to learn and explore key statistics of each country. Simply tap a country to reveal the country capital. To uncover more in-depth data, tap the more info button. This globe based learning allows you to detail in on a spcecific contry and explore. 2. FLY QUIZ This activity will ask you to fly your jet through specific countries to successfully complete your trip. In a single swipe, drag your plane across the map to intersect each country you are asked to fly through. Turn on additional geographic categories under settings to increase the Drive Quiz challenge. 3. TEXT QUIZ This activity alternates through a series of multiple-choice questions to test your understanding of each country. The questions may include any of the topics turned on under the settings menu. Answer 6 questions in a row to earn a flag! 4. MAP QUIZ This activity prompts you to answer a geography question by tapping a specific country on the map. For example, “Tap the country with the capital “Washington D.C.” or “Saint Lucia uses which of the following currency?”. This quiz is great for testing world fact comprehension as well as your basic understanding of the country borders and shapes. FEATURES: - Comprehensive and Expansive Quiz Option - Customizable Learning Options (Include only facts your interested in) - 4 Unique Quiz Modes - Country Flags as Reward System - Complete World Maps with All United Nations Recognized Countries - Unique Blend of Entertainment and Educational Features - Covers all regions of our planet earth from north, south, europe, asia, americas, and islands in between. Learning Subjects: - World Geography - Country Names - Country Capitals - Country Currency - Country Presiden and National Facts - Nation History App is designed for the elementary student to the curious learning adult Email us at info@mergemobile.com for any help & suggestions, as we cannot respond to reviews. Visit us: http://mergemobile.com Follow us: http://twitter.com/mergemobileinc Like us: http://www.facebook.com/mergemobile If you like the app don't forget to leave us a review! Please try other apps in the ClickySticky Series: ClickySticky Cars, ClickySticky Christmas, ClickySticky Easter, ClickySticky Halloween, ClickySticky Superheroes, ClickySticky Trains Also try other top education apps by Merge Mobile. - Freefall Spelling - Freefall Math - Freefath Money - Freefall Time - Freefall Spelling Spanish


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