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The perfect sailing app for both beginners and advanced users. Explore more than 20 Sailing lessons that at your own pace and time. The “Learn to sail” ...

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The perfect sailing app for both beginners and advanced users. Explore more than 20 Sailing lessons that at your own pace and time. The “Learn to sail” app contains material for hours of learning. Unlike other apps we cover most common aspects of learning to sail and enables you to learn how to sail in an engaging way at your own pace. After going through all the educational articles you will gain a unique understanding of all aspects of sailing a boat. This will help you become a better sailor and also help your pass exams on sailing. See more here: www.sailinglessonsonline.com Content: LESSON: RULES OF THE ROAD This lesson reviews some of the more important rules set out in the main body of the COLREGS relevant for the recreational boater. Chapters: - Rules of the road explained in 3 chapters. *LESSON: ROPES AND KNOTS* This lesson offers its own short list; describes how to tie each knot and the main function for which it is designed; summarizes knot safety issues; summarizes knot maintenance issues. Chapters: - Knots overview - Knots and rope safety - Rope maintenance *LESSON: SAFETY ON BOARD* This lesson offers general safety tips that are easy and useful to remember; a handy checklist; suggestions on what to do in an emergency; distress signals commonly used to draw attention to an emergency; some health risks that develop typically during maritime emergencies. Chapters: - Safety tips - Safety checklist - What to do in an emergency - Distress signals - Health risks *LESSON: WEATHER, WIND & WAVES* This lesson discusses various aspects of weather and waves. These include the formation of wind and the distinction between apparent and true wind; the usefulness of clouds as an indicator of weather; the difference between seas and swell; the various sea states that wind and swell combine to produce as defined by the Beaufort scale. Chapters: - Reading the clouds - The Wind - Reading the waves *LESSON: SHIP NAVIGATION LIGHTS* Navigation lights are critical for the avoidance of collisions and safe navigation at sea. This lesson provides you with expert knowledge about ship lights. Chapters: - Types of lights - Lights on motorboats - Lights on sailboats - Special Lights *LESSON: BOUYS & SEA MARKS* this lesson summarizes the system of cardinal marks, lateral marks and special marks. Chapters: - Cardinal Marks - Lateral Marks - Special Marks


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0

Size: 12.7 MB


Price: 4,66 €

Developed by Henrik Ebbesen

Day of release: 2012-11-30

Recommended age: 4+

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