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Winner of the 2013 European Language Label Award A famous traditional saying is, "wisdom has alighted on three things: the brain of the Franks, the hands ...

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Winner of the 2013 European Language Label Award A famous traditional saying is, "wisdom has alighted on three things: the brain of the Franks, the hands of the Chinese and the tongue of the Arabs." With LearnOasis Arabic you can experience a new and refreshing approach to learning this important world language, which is spoken by 325 million native speakers and is one of the 6 working languages of the United Nations. This iPad app is perfect for classroom use, for individual study 'on-the-go' or to take with you if you are deployed to or stationed in an Arabic-speaking country. LearnOasis Arabic has been specially developed for a wide range of learners, including non-academic learners. The Arabic language is surrounded by myths. Our aim is to dispel the myth that it is a 'difficult language' and ensure you have an enjoyable and motivating learning experience. We encourage everyone to 'give it a go'. Hayya bina - Let's go! * What will I learn? - Modern Standard Arabic, which is used and understood in all Arabic countries - How to communicate in everyday situations that you would expect to encounter whilst travelling or doing business in the Arab world - Useful words and phrases, correct pronunciation, how to read Arabic script - Basic grammar to help you become more creative with your language - Vital facts about Arab culture * How comprehensive is the content in this app? - The content in this app equates to 150 hours or three semesters of a beginner's Arabic course. - The content guides you to Level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference: the internationally recognised standard for language learning. - The content is suitable for students, businesspeople and general learners (either as self-learning or to complement existing lessons). * Key features: - Fifteen full units covering a wide range of everyday topics - Rich audio dialogues with useful, everyday Arabic phrases with integrated role plays - Beautiful photography and artwork - Useful vocabulary that you would expect to see, hear and use - Cultural notes about Arab traditions, historical themes, business etiquette and travel - Hundreds of exercises to practise and consolidate your learning, including role-plays and voice-recording facilities * Who else uses LearnOasis Arabic: LearnOasis Arabic has been integrated into the teaching programmes of major universities across Europe, America and the Middle-East, by government institutions and trade bodies, by private companies and organisations such as the United Nations and UNESCO. * Rest assured: LearnOasis Arabic will not burden you with endless, highly academic grammar rules. There is no pointless clicking; nor are there any distractions such as adverts. At every stage you are encouraged to interact with the content and to THINK. The clear learner-friendly navigation, structure and reassuring tasks will help you and ensure that you always know what you need to do. LearnOasis Arabic puts the learner first. The iPad version is an enjoyable and tactile learning experience. Enjoy! © 2014 Pendragon Educational Publishers Ltd


Technical specifications

Version: 1.3

Size: 46.33 MB


Price: 72,03 €

Developed by Pendragon Educational Publishers Ltd

Day of release: 2013-09-14

Recommended age: 4+

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