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Learning Adobe Photoshop CS6

Learn Adobe Photoshop CS6 quickly and easily with this comprehensive training video from Infinite Skills. - Universal App! Learn on your iPad, iPhone ...

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Learn Adobe Photoshop CS6 quickly and easily with this comprehensive training video from Infinite Skills. - Universal App! Learn on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch - Built specifically for iOS devices, with AirPlay enabled - Over 13 hours of video content - 173 individual lessons - Professionally edited and produced - taught by expert trainer Andy Anderson - FREE working files to ensure successful learning In this Adobe Photoshop CS6 video training course expert author and trainer Andy Anderson introduces you to the basics of this graphics software from Adobe. Photoshop is a huge and complex program, but Andy breaks it down into bite-sized pieces that anyone, from beginner to more experienced users can understand and follow. This course is designed for a beginner, and no prior knowledge of Photoshop is assumed. This tutorial covers the essential features of Photoshop that everyone should be familiar with. Andy starts by taking you through the interface, including the preference setup. Once you are familiar with navigating and finding tools, you cover topics such as Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw, adjusting color, layers, blending, adjustments, the pen tool and paths, as well as dodging and burning. With over 13 hours in this software training video, you also go into detail with filters, manipulating images, selections, levels and curves, and so much more. By utilizing short 3-5 minute tutorial videos, this Photoshop CS6 video training course allows you to work at your own pace. Whether you're ready to dive in and watch video after video, or you're a more casual student who wishes to watch a few movies at a time, Learning Photoshop CS6 is right for you. With working files included, it's simple to follow along with each lesson and verify your work. Features: * AirPlay enabled allowing you to view your videos on your television. * Includes working files you can download to your computer and use in Photoshop as you watch the training on your iOS device - freeing up your monitor space for the software. * 173 individual tutorial videos broken into comprehensive chapters and movies - over 13 hours in total. * Go from video to video in order, or skip around; you're in complete control. * 1X, 2X and 4X speeds allow you to learn at your best pace. * Resume play lets you stop your training at anytime and pick it back up right where you left off, minimizing lost time skimming through videos * Streaming video - allows you to keep your iOS device hard drive free for your own media and data. This tutorial is presented by expert author Andy Anderson, a longtime software educator who has conducted training seminars for Disney, Universal Studios, and The White House. As well as one-on-one and group training in topics ranging from OS X to Final Cut Pro, Andy has created training videos for Infinite Skills on Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro 7, Flash, and much more! He is one of our most popular authors. You aren't purchasing generic, bad quality YouTube videos. You can be certain that all Infinite Skills training programs are professionally edited and produced products. These lessons are envisioned and created by the expert author, ensuring a personal and professional touch on every video offered. If you want to watch demos or more information on course content, visit our website: http://www.infiniteskills.com/photoshopcs6 and sample 16 videos from the Photoshop CS6 training course for FREE! Alternatively, you can download our free Infinite Skills iPad App and watch free samples of all of our professional training courses from: http://www.infiniteskills.com/ipadplayer These training videos are streamed to your iOS device on demand, with WiFi and 3G/4G options both compatible.


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